Main Signs That You Need a Professional Medical Transcription Service

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Hospitals and medical facilities generate hundreds of video and audio gigabytes annually, usually during doctor-to-patient interviews, medical consultations, and interviews between medical research teams and respondents. Medical teams collect audio and video data from doctors’ dictation notes during meetings.

Reasons and Signs That You Need Medical Transcription Service

Medical transcription is a straightforward way to document medical data correctly. Professionally crafted transcripts present patient medical history and reports more precisely. That way, it’s easier for doctors to create personalized care plans for each patient. Furthermore, it streamlines how medical facilities manage patient data, which is the foundation of medical and scientific research.

Transcription firms like GoTranscript use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to promote data confidentiality and privacy. Information in the audio and videos is never shared with third parties, which protects patients against harm and your facility against blackmail. Medical transcription is a broad and demanding niche. If nurses and doctors were to transcribe videos and audio, they wouldn’t have enough time to conduct medical procedures and care for patients. Get a transcriber if any of these happens in your facility or line of medical work.

Many Telephone Calls and Conference Meetings

If your hospital has hundreds of recorded telephone calls, it’s a telltale sign you need a transcriber. Equally, if the CEO or top officials in the facility engage in conferences, you might need transcripts of your recorded audio and video. Transcription helps convert the content shared during meetings and telephone calls into valuable data. Medical teams can reference the transcript to personalize patient care.

The transcripts can also serve as reference materials to guide growth and marketing campaigns. Medical transcriptionists are conversant with transcribing customer calls, interviews, conference calls, and Skype calls.

Medical Consultations Have Skyrocketed

Increased patient consultations in your medical facility are another indicative sign you should hire a medical transcriptionist. If you run a well-maintained and efficient medical facility, you should have mastered the seasons when you get more consultations. Don’t keep the audio recording of phone calls and one-in-person discussions for a later date. Instead, get a professional transcriptionist to convert these records into transcripts.

With the transcripts, you can easily collect information on the common diseases your facility treats, the gender and age of patients, and the frequency of consultations. Therefore, it becomes easier to upgrade and improve your services to meet the needs of the patients.

Lack of an In-House Transcription Team

Many established and credible hospitals and facilities have a competent in-house transcription team. Since they handle thousands of video and audio recordings yearly, they need a team that creates high-value transcripts constantly. However, some facilities don’t have a team ready to handle transcription projects. These medical facilities need to outsource their transcription project regularly.

The lack of a qualified in-house transcriptionist is a real sign your medical facility needs to outsource transcription projects. When outsourcing your transcription projects, look for a company with a track record of offering timely and affordable human-handled transcripts.

Excess of Projects

Sometimes, your in-house transcription team will have more work than it can handle. You will need to outsource your project to competent transcribers during such instances. Understand the goal and need for outsourcing transcription projects. That way, you can find a transcriber with the skills and knowledge to handle your medical transcription work.

As a medical facility operator, you know the exact times of the year when you conduct more patient interviews and make more conference calls. These are instances when you collect more video and audio recordings of meetings, calls, and interviews between your team and patients. They are usually the best time of the year to get a transcriptionist. But that is if you don’t have an in-house team or the one you have can’t handle the huge volume of transcription tasks.

Wrap Up

Many situations will force you to seek the professional services of experienced and competent transcriptionists. If you’re in the medical sector, you can always connect with the competent team of medical transcribers at for the best services. At GoTranscript, all transcription tasks are handled by a well-vetted team of transcribers with many years of experience. Our transcribers work under strict guidelines and are adept at meeting client-set deadlines.

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