10 Best YouTube SEO Tools to improve your Reach and Ranking

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli


What comes to your mind when you think of search engines? Is it Google, Microsoft Bing, or Yahoo? But what else do you use when you require something if not these browsers? YouTube? Yes, YouTube is one of the most significant search engines in the world, with over 122 million daily users. Also, on average, people spend 19 minutes daily on YouTube, which can extend up to several hours.

So, it is not just another social media platform but a traditional yet effective search engine that can help promote your business if you incorporate SEO guidelines into your videos. But how does ranking happen on YouTube? To learn more about YouTube algorithms and the best SEO tools for better video reach, continue reading the blog.

Best YouTube SEO tools to elevate your video rankings:

YouTube is a go-to platform for video content and showcases your talent for a wider audience. With millions of users, it is not simple and easy to make your videos stand out and rank at the top. As a content creator, if you want to be successful on YouTube, you should use SEO as a marketing strategy. According to the SEO experts of the SEO Agency in Chennai, using the following tools can make your videos reach a wider audience and rank better.

1.   VidIQ:

Do you need more topics for your YouTube videos? VidIQ helps you find relevant topics and keywords. It assists YouTube creators and video marketers in optimising their videos for better visibility, engagement and growth. It also aids in creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and tags.

Its video optimisation feature accounts for better search ranking and click-through rates. VidIQ also provides detailed analytics and insights comprising views, watch time, engagement and audio demographics. It also helps monitor the competitor’s channels and analyse their strategies and performance.

2.   TubeBuddy:

TubeBuddy is another powerful YouTube SEO tool that optimises your video for better reach and ranking. One of the finest features of TubeBuddy is Video SEO Audit, which assists in analysing your videos and offers suggestions for improvement.

Its Competitor Analysis feature helps evaluate competitors’ channels and videos to determine their strategies for ranking their videos. Also, with TubeBuddy’s A/B Testing feature, you can compare your performance with competitors. Since it allows you to process multiple videos, optimising large channels becomes simple.

You can also promote your videos across social media platforms, email lists and other channels using TubeBuddy’s Video Promotion feature. Do not forget to use the thumbnails generated by TubeBuddy to attract viewers.

3.   Keyword Tool:

Keyword Tool offers several features to improve YouTube search rankings. Its most productive Long-tail keyword Suggestions feature helps users find less competitive and more specific target words.

With its Search Volume and CPC Data feature, you get details of Cost-per-click (CPC) data for each keyword, which helps you prioritise your keyword choices. Since Keyword Tool provides Multiple Language Support, anyone can use the tool seamlessly.

You can monitor your search rankings and track your progress over time using the Keyword Rank Tracking feature, and you can create videos based on what users type on the search bar with the YouTube Autocomplete feature.

4.   MorningFame:

MorningFame is another popular YouTube SEO tool that optimises videos according to user search results. The unique features of Morning Fame include Video Analytics, with which you get detailed analytics on video performance, composing, views, engagement and audience retention.

Its Tag and thumbnail optimisation features help you create relevant, effective, compelling and eye-catching tags and thumbnails for your videos. MorningFame also has the usual features that help promote videos, compare performances with competitors’ performances, and suggest relevant keywords for improvement.

5.   Canva:

We all know Canva as a valuable Graphic Designing tool. But Canva offers an excellent YouTube SEO tool to help your videos rank at the top and get more visibility and reach. Apart from the usual Keyword Research feature to suggest relevant keywords, its main focus is on customisations.

It bestows a range of title, description, tag, and thumbnail optimisation features to optimise your videos by including the targeted keywords and phrases, a call to action, links, and attention-grabbing and compelling designs to your title, description and tags for better ranking.

6.   Social Blade:

Choose Social Blade YouTube SEO tool to enhance your search engine visibility and performance. Social Blade assists you with keyword research and suggests relevant titles, meta descriptions, tags, etc. Other than that, it also helps you with several analysations.

With Social Blade’s Trend Analysis feature, you can find and hop onto popular trends and topics within your niche to create compelling and engaging content. Using the Social Media Analysis feature, you can gather data on your performance on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, in addition to YouTube, making Social Blade a multi-purpose SEO tool.

7.   Cyfe:

Cyfe is a YouTube SEO tool and an all-in-one business dashboard offering several features. Cyfe’s SEO tool can bring more visibility, engagement and growth to your videos and channel.

Cyfe helps you analyse your channel analytics by providing detailed data on its performance, subscribers, views, engagement and growth trends. You can also evaluate your competitor’s growth by using its features. With its trend and social media analytics, you can get ideas for creating relevant content.

With Cyfe’s unique, customisable dashboards, you can create personalised dashboards to monitor and track your real-time YouTube metrics and performance data anytime.

8.   Hootsuite:

Hootsuite YouTube SEO tool helps streamline your marketing efforts. You can manage your channel directly from the Hootsuite platform, thus acting as a centralised platform to manage your channel. It also integrates with other social media platforms and allows you to have a holistic view of your brand’s social media presence.

Hootsuite SEO tool is useful for large organisations because of its unique feature of collaborative team management that allows multiple team members to work on your channel simultaneously and seamlessly. Its customised dashboard helps you in tracking real-time YouTube metrics and performance data.

With Hootsuite’s YouTube SEO tool, you can publish your content automatically in the scheduled time and date, saving time and effort. Its advanced analytics gives deep insight into audience demographics, traffic sources and engagement metrics.

9.   SocialPilot:

SocialPilot is a comprehensive social media management platform that helps businesses and marketers optimise their social media presence and improve their visibility to a broader audience. SocialPilot’s YouTube SEO tool assists creators in ranking their videos on top by optimising the title, description, and tags and using the right keywords.

With its video and competitor analysis features, you can identify your video’s engagement, views, and retention rates, compare them with your adversaries, and improve your videos. Overall, it is a fantastic tool to increase video views and engagement count.

10.   Ahrefs:

If you are into SEO and looking to improve your website’s or video’s ranking and reach, you would have heard of the Ahrefs tool. Its YouTube SEO tool has impressive features that give your videos maximum visibility and engagement.

Its exclusive Video Rank Tracking feature helps you monitor and track your video and get insight into improving your rankings. With Ahrefs Backlink Analysis feature, you can include backlinks to your videos and enhance their SEO and video rankings.

Ahrefs YouTube SERP Overview feature helps you with an overview of the keywords’ search results and includes top-ranking videos and performance metrics. You can know what to do for your videos to rank at the top.

All you need to know about YouTube’s ranking algorithms:

Though YouTube algorithms are constantly evolving, keeping a few key points in mind can make your video rank and reach better, suggests echoVME.

  • Videos that keep the users hooked for a long-time are likely to rank at the top since YouTube wants its customers to stay engaged on the platform for an extended period.
  • YouTube aims to bring the optimised and most engaging relevant content complying with search and user behaviour to the top.
  • When users enter their query, videos get ranked by relevance. Using the right keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags makes your video more likely to rank at the top.
  • Videos with more likes, subscriptions, comments and shares will get ranked on top since the metric shows the active engagement of users with that creator’s channel.
  • If your video is not ranking, you should check its resolution, framing and sound, as poor quality could make the users drop and jump for another video.

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YouTube is one of the most sought-after search engines and an essential medium for businesses to engage with their target audience. Optimising video content for maximum visibility and engagement can make your videos reach your audience and more significant people.

By using the top 10 YouTube SEO tools, creators and businesses can improve their reach and ranking on YouTube. Choosing the right tool based on your preference can leverage your content’s value and drive growth and success.

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