About the Service

Readability is a free reading platform that aims to deliver a great reading experience wherever you are, and to provide a system to connect readers to the writers they enjoy.

A Brief History

Readability started off as a simple, Javascript-based reading tool that turned any web page into a customizable reading view. It was released by Arc90 (as an Arc90 Lab experiment), a New York City-based design and technology shop, back in early 2009.

Since its release, Readability was an instant hit. It's used by legions of readers today to make the Web a more pleasant place to read. The original Readability codebase is embedded in a host of applications, including Apple's Safari 5 browser (the Safari Reader feature), the Amazon Kindle and popular iPad applications like Flipboard and Reeder.

Readability Today

Today, our goal is simple: to deliver a great reading experience on every platform and provide an avenue for connecting readers and publishers on the Web.

The Team

Readability is designed and built by the Readability team, headquartered in New York City, by Philip Forget and Chris Schomaker. Our wonderful iOS team consists of Mike Ciarlo and Zeeshan Lakhani.

If you have any questions about Readability, don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy Reading!
The Readability Team