3 Ways to Track Your Teen Phone Without Them Knowing

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

The critical question for all parents is how to remotely track our teens’ phones. All parents want their child’s safety. Today, you can protect your children from the toxic world, but you must be ready to save them from the internet.

You notice your children are now busy on their phones all the time. Most of the time, they are busy texting. Tracking your kids’ phones gives you a perspective of what type of company they have. You can read chats between their friends, which helps you know what kind of content they share or if they send inappropriate messages.

When it comes to tracking a teen’s cell phone, parents have the authority, and they can track their teen’s phone to ensure safety.

Here, we mentioned three ways to track your teen’s phone without them knowing.

Let’s get started.

3 Ways to Track Your Teen Phone Without Them Knowing

We live in an era where every child has their phone at a young age. They have access to all data online, which they can easily surf on the internet. You can not know when teens encounter inappropriate content or face cyberbullying.

To avoid such bad experiences, parents must track their kids’ phones.

Here are three practical ways to track your child’s cell phone secretly.


NexaSpy is a reliable and most powerful phone tracker app. It helps you track all text messages of teens. Moreover, parents can track their teen’s social media actions, calls, and whereabouts details. NexaSpy allows parents to monitor all their kids’ online activities.


•       Location Tracking

•       Social Media Monitoring

•       Contacts Blocking

•       Text Messages Monitoring

•       Instant Alerts


•       Not Available for iPhone


mSpy is the most famous tracking app for children that helps parents remotely track all the messages, multimedia, call records, and location history of their kids’ phones. mSpy is one of the most reliable mobile tracker apps online. Parents can choose from classic mSpy and mSpy extreme subscriptions. Moreover, the mAsssistance service of this app makes installation much more accessible for parents.


•       Remote Features and Controls

•       It Is a Hidden App

•       Tracks Social Media Messages

•       Monitor Multimedia

•       Tracks Location


•       iPhones must be Jailbroken to Install mSpy

•       No Call Recording


Parents and guardians can use Spyine app to track their teen’s phone and tablet. This app takes only 2MB of memory and works in stealth mode. Spyine enables parents to track kids’ phones remotely and secretly.


•       No Need to Root Any Device

•       User Friendly

•       Response in Time


•       Costly Than Others

•       Limited Social Media Monitoring

•       No Free Trial

[BONUS] Can Parents Track Their Teen’s Phones Without an App?

Digital problems have digital solutions. However, if a parent wants to go for a non-invasive way to trace their kids’ online activities, it is possible without an app as well.

Let us be clear: the non-app tracking methods we are about to mention will not guarantee proper results. So, parents need to be mindful that the non-invasive process might not work, and they have to go for a mobile tracking app in the future.

Nonetheless, here is how parents can track their teen’s phones without using an app.

•       Social Media Stalking

Teens love to post about their day on social media. Your child may post check-in with pictures. You can simply stalk their social media to see where they have been or what they were doing the whole day. Also, you can add your child’s friends and expand networking to get all the information related to your child.

•       Google Maps

If you know your kid’s Google account password, then this method will help you track their phone’s location. Log in to Google Maps using their account and view the location history from the cloud server.

•       Directly Ask Them

The simplest way to get informed about your child’s routine is to bond with them so they can trust you. Try open communication and avoid nagging like typical parents. If your child trusts you, they will love to talk about their day-to-day activities with you.

The Final Words

Considering the wandering dangers of the online world, guardians must keep track of their teen’s online activities. Teens on the internet can be victims or offenders, and parents can find the truth only by tracking their digital footprints.

We have mentioned three effective ways parents can use to track their teen’s cell phones and save them from the hazards of the online world.

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