4 Warning Signs When Viewing a Condo to Buy

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Been looking around for a condo that would be the perfect fit? While some appear to be worthy purchases at first glance, you should be aware of possible defects and flaws. To prevent finding out later and experiencing buyer’s remorse, here are four warning signs you should be aware of.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance can exhibit itself in many ways, but they’re not often visible to the practiced eye. Outside, the building should be clean, nice, and presentable. Then when you enter, the floor should be smooth and clean, and there shouldn’t be any waste or trash lying about. When viewing the condo unit, the fixtures should all be working as well.

Agent or Website is Not Professional

First impressions last, and if real estate agents or developers want to increase their chances of landing a sale then they’ll have to spend some time and money creating an online front for possible buyers. People usually start their search for a condo on the internet, so a professional-looking website is a must. A good example is the SORA condo, with a nice and elegant layout and all the information included for potential condo buyers.

False Advertising

Beware of condo units being advertised with incorrect details. The photos and information from the website could be different when you arrive on location. Keep a mental snapshot of the pertinent details, such as floor size, features, amenities, and more, and check them out before you add the condo to your possible ‘buy’ list.

Astronomical Prices

Last but not least are the rates and prices for the condo you’re interested in. You can get an idea of how much condo units are selling in general in the area on the internet. If it seems exorbitantly high and there’s no justification for the cost, it might be better to look somewhere else.

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