5 Essential Technologies to Have When Moving House

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Technology can help in daily activities, and more so when you’re moving house. Here are five important technologies to bring with you when preparing to move.


A smartphone is an all-in-one device that can do nearly everything, including planning a move when you buy a Grand Dunman condo. Aside from being able to make calls and communicate with others, your mobile can carry out essential tasks, such as booking a moving company or shopping for moving items such as boxes and tape.

Navigational App

A navigational app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps will come in handy when you’re navigating to a new location you’ve never been. Turn-by-turn instructions reduce the instances that you get lost while moving to your new home.

Planner App or Calendar

A planner app or calendar can be your main tool if you’re looking to move to a condo. You can book a date to view the Grand Dunman showflat at a convenient time, then decide on the moving date and plan ahead when you agree to buy the condo.

Item Tracker

With so many things to do your car keys, wallet, and smartphone might get lost in the shuffle. Rather than waste time having to locate them manually, you can simply attach an item tracker such as a Tile or AirTags and ring the device when you want to find it amongst the mess. These devices are relatively expensive and are ultimately useful even after you’ve moved in.

Food Delivery App

Having food delivered to your new home’s doorstep can be a lifesaver. After a tiring day having to drive and settle in with your things, sometimes the last thing you want is to go out and eat. Therefore, you can simply open a food delivery app, pick a food, and eat. Then you can rest and prepare for the next phase.

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