5 Handy Gadgets to Have in Your Home

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Technology can make life easier in all aspects, including at home. These five gadgets are considered must-haves so you should go and invest in them right away if you haven’t already.

Rechargeable Lamp or Flashlight

It’s always good to have some kind of backup in the event of an emergency. This rarely happens when you’re in an urban environment or city, but then there are instances when power can suddenly go out without warning. Rechargeable flashlights are cheap and provide a means of illumination so you can stay safe in a blackout.

Solar Power Station or Generator

Speaking of power, you can invest in a portable power station so you and your family members can continue using technology. Modern generators are quiet and can be hooked up to a solar panel, thereby reducing carbon footprint and as a means of sustainable living. These generators can serve as handy companions on outdoor trips and camping as well so you don’t have to sacrifice creature comforts while outside.

Extra Set of Bulbs

In line with being prepared, you should always have a spare light bulb or two stocked in your garage or storage room. When the light goes out in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom, you can have it immediately replaced with a new one. In a connected home, invest in smart bulbs that can be controlled via an app or smart speaker, and dimmable ones for added convenience.

Multi-Charging Station

In a high-tech house where there are multiple family members and gadgets, having a device that acts as a charging station is essential. These products come in many forms, including total wattage, number of charging ports, and size/style. Opt for space savers and sleek designs so it can fit your condo unit at The Chuan Park.

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