5 Things to Do Before Moving to a New House

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Recently bought a condo unit at The Continuum Condo and are looking to move in? Here’s a simple checklist of the things you should do to enjoy your new home.

Set a Moving Date

Excitement aside, you should have a realistic date for moving into your new home. A good timeframe would be a month or two ahead, because you will need to pack your things, hire a mover, and take care of necessary stuff, such as moving your ISP and air conditioning unit.

Prepare in Advance

Once the date and moving schedule is set, you should prepare the things you need to bring with you in advance. It’s recommended that you do an inventory and set aside items and furniture you wouldn’t be bringing for giving away to charity or a garage sale. You will also need to hire the right moving company, especially if you have heavy furniture or a grand piano.

Get a Go-Ahead From the Agent

Finalize your contract with the real estate agent and get approval that the condo unit or house is ready to move in. You might need to make several visits and sign a contract to get this done.

Clean the New House

It’s best that the new house is clean so you won’t have to do additional work when you arrive. Visit the new condo several times and clean the floor, walls, windows, and bathroom.

Plan for the Trip

Last but not least, you should plan for the drive ahead. If it’s a considerable distance to The Continuum Condo Showflat, then add one or two stops so you won’t get overly tired along the way. For those with children, pack a separate bag that contains snacks, their favorite item, and possibly a tablet or toy so they won’t be bored or cranky.

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