6 Games to Play in the Car While Moving House

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Thinking of how to keep your kids or family members occupied on moving day to the Union Square Residences? There are a few ways to play, and nearly all of them do not involve an electronic gadget. Here are six game ideas to play in the car on long trips and when moving house.

Car Bingo

Tick off a box in the bingo card when one of you meets an objective, such as seeing a car plate ending in 8, for instance. The one who completes his or her bingo card gets a prize after the journey.


A two-player game that can be played in a car, Battleship’s objective is to sink the opponent’s fleet before they sink yours. The game can be played via a traditional board game or on a phone or tablet.

Story Time

Each player gets a turn at storytelling, with the next one continuing where the last left off. The weirder or funnier the story goes, the better as it will entertain you and your family members for a while.

Karaoke Sing Along

Play a song on your car’s speakers and everyone can join in. Even better if you bring a portable microphone, as long as it’s not too loud to distract the driver.

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Yes, it’s possible to entertain yourselves during a long drive to a new house with a simple game of rock paper scissors. If you have several family members you can turn it into a tournament.

Phone or Tablet Time

Last but not least, allow the kids to have a bit of tablet or phone time as you drive to the destination. Keep it at a minimum and have them view the scenery outside or share their recent experiences instead.

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