A Comprehensive Office 365 Backup Solution guide

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Office 365 is one of the most popular services and has become increasingly popular over the years. One of its key benefits is that users don’t need to worry about backing up their data as everything is stored in the cloud. Such SaaS productivity apps can offer convenience and ease of use for users who are aiming to digitize their workflow.

Few of the reasons to back up your Office 365 data:

You may not realize it, but Office 365 Backup Solutions is critical for protecting your data. You can’t assume that the chances of losing your data are slim; you need to take precautions and ensure that all of your documents, emails, and other important files are stored securely in case of any unforeseeable situations.

Human mistakes can have unfortunate consequences in an Office 365 workplace, where the data is accessible to employees from different departments. This could lead to a file being deleted unintentionally.

  • Accidental Deletion – When users frequently get notifications about low disk space. Employees can delete large files or files that they deem less important. They can also delete the emails with the attachments you want. If you discover that this data is lost, there is no way to get it back unless you back up your Office 365 data.  
  • Eliminate Redundancy – Employees often make copies of files to share with their team or send to clients. Duplicate files create confusion, so employees often try to remove all copies. Doing so could accidentally delete the original file and impact your organization.  
  • Ransomware Attack – You know this already, but cybercrime can cause serious disruption to any business. It typically occurs when you open an attachment from someone you believe to be reliable, but that person is a fraudster trying to infiltrate your systems. Beware of such scams! After gaining access to your data, the attackers will blackmail you to pay the ransom or delete it. Without another copy or backup of your data, a ransomware attack can permanently delete all your files. A ransomware attack reported some time ago was designed to direct users to a web page that resembles the login page of Office 365, so no matter how vigilant you are, the same thing can happen.
  • Malicious – It’s possible that some of your company’s employees could be sabotaging or deleting critical files. It is essential to be aware of this possibility and to take the right measures to protect your business information as we may not be able to undo the actions hitherto caused until we agree to the damages caused by such an employee.
  • Limited Data storage  – Choosing Office 365 services as your partner is a wise choice due to the fact that whenever you have an employee leave, you can reuse the license and back up the data. If you don’t have Office 365 backup services, former employees’ data is manually backed up and stored elsewhere. Therefore, it cannot be restored to Office 365 and technically this data is lost from the data center. If you have configured the settings so that the former employee is the sole owner of the files, they cannot be reverted after leaving the company. However, if you consider backing up, all data will be accessible even after the employee leaves the company.


When choosing a hosting provider, cloud solutions may sound appealing. However, if you’re looking for advanced disaster recovery services such as migration and backup, you need to find the best way to manage everything on your own. Apps4Rent takes complete responsibility to ensure Office 365 is readily accessible. With their backup services like Azure backup service, they offer a comprehensive cloud solution for growing businesses making their data much more secure and accessible even in times of disaster.

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