All popular and accessible promotion strategies in Brawl Stars

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Brawl Stars is an online game developed by Supercell that develops players’ strategic thinking, reaction speed and teamwork. In this guide we will look at several strategies and general concepts that will help you get a brawl stars ranked boost and the emphasis will be on game mechanics, character selection, coordination with allies and the constant progress of personal skills and a fine sense of control.

Understanding game mechanics

To start developing in Brawl Stars, you need to understand how its basic mechanics work and the best way to do this is to play more than one match in different game modes, each of which sets unique goals and strategies:

  • Jewel Capture – Teams compete to capture and hold a dozen gems. Storing valuables reduces the character’s defense, but increases the chance of winning.
  • Showdown is a battle royale mode in which the last surviving player, or group of gamers, remains the winner. The main task will be to survive as long as possible and look for amplifiers for your hero.
  • Rewards – teams receive points when they kill members of the opposing group. The main task will be to kill enemies and die as little as possible.
  • Robbery – teams each have a safe and need to protect theirs and destroy the enemy’s. Each team decides for itself whether they will attack more or play defensively.
  • Brawl Ball is a mode that replicates football, in which each team can score a goal and pass the ball. The side that scores the most goals before the timer ends wins.
  • Siege – teams are looking for bolts that are needed to build a robot, which will then attack the enemy base. The faster the robot is ready, the greater the chance of breaking the enemy base.
  • Hot Spots – Teams capture and control points on the map and hold them to score points. The more creatively and skillfully you act, the greater the chances of surprising the enemy and winning with a greater advantage.

Character selection

When boosting Brawl Stars rank, it is important to select and use the right character and use it for your progress. It is advisable not to spread yourself thin across different roles so that progress is faster and more stable.

  1. Tank is a character with a high health indicator, can protect allies and absorb damage. El Primo and Bull would be perfect.
  2. The attackers are Colt and Brock, who deal a lot of damage but suffer from health disadvantages.
  3. Supporters – Poco and Pam, strengthen teammates and heal themselves and allies.
  4. Controllers – Barley and Sprout, can control opponents and limit the area of ​​​​combat operations for a short time.
  5. Select a character for your favorite game mode, map and group composition, or single game, try playing with different fighters and then focus on him in your rank boosting in Brawl Stars.

Coordinate team roles for rank progression

Brawl Stars is primarily a team game, and it will be better if you immediately look for friends and learn all the best aspects of the content, designed specifically for a group of players. To play better, consider some tips:

  • Assign roles – it will be better if each player chooses a character in agreement, in order to cover all the needs of the group, but at the same time take into account all the wishes, because you need to play with comfort.
  • Positioning – Always maintain an optimal position for the entire group, with the tank a little in front and the healer a little behind in the war zone, where everyone is protecting each other and destroying opponents at the same time, otherwise chaos will ensue. The main thing is not to crowd, because such a group is a tasty morsel for AoE heroes.
  • Communicate – there is no point in joining groups if you do not want to communicate, so use discord or chat to always discuss your plans and goals and current actions for the entire group.
  • Adapt – matches will never be perfect, and sometimes you will have to change decisions quickly. Let each group member have the right to vote, and you can quickly rebuild and continue your boost rank in Brawl Stars.

Constantly improve your gaming skills

To progress in Brawl Stars, you need to constantly learn and improve, otherwise you will remain at the starting rank.

  • Analyze your gameplay – sometimes going through your own gameplay will bring more experience and accounting for errors, which will reduce their number in the future. Pay special attention to teamwork, because group synergy is sometimes the main factor for boosting in Brawl Stars.
  • Learn from others – don’t ignore YouTube and Twitch, where you can watch good players in action and their successful ideas and solutions, so that you can then adopt them for yourself. Pay special attention to team fights and squads that have achieved particular progress and success.
  • Practice – there is such a thing as gaming tone, which appears from continuous matches, and if you play all the time, then gradually it will appear in you. Learn to aim and hit better, study game maps and modes.
  • Read forums and news – Brawl Stars often receives new updates and changes to game balances, so always monitor all changes that can positively or negatively affect your rank boost in Brawl Stars.

Strategies that will come in handy for every game mode

To improve your gaming experience and boosting in Brawl Stars, consider the suggested strategies for each game mode, you may find them useful until you develop your own.

Capture gems

  1. Control the center of the map – there is often a mine where the gems are located. If you take this territory under your control in order to effectively collect stones and prevent your competitors from doing so.
  2. Cover the hero who is carrying the gems and protect him at all costs.
  3. If you keep a supply of stones, then do not look for enemies – they will come to you. Take a defensive position and wait for your opponents, or win as time runs out.


  1. Survival is more important than kills, because the closer you can get to the final battle for top 1, the better, and every unnecessary battle can end your game path in one second.
  2. Find and use power cubes to increase your fighter’s combat potential. Open only those boxes that you can safely access, or walk away and wait for better and safer options.
  3. Look for options where you can attack weakened enemies, or end the battle in your favor with a high chance. This way you can get extra kills without much risk.


  1. Play decisively to collect stars and carefully to save them, avoiding unnecessary risks. Surviving is much more important than killing your opponent.
  2. Do not hunt all opponents indiscriminately, but only those who carry a large number of stars, since only such actions increase the overall score of your team.
  3. To prevent the enemy from acting more freely, try to control most of the game map in order to simply not let them get close to you and your most powerful and valuable characters.


  1. Balance your offensive and defensive capabilities to be strong in all possible scenarios.
  1. When you plan an attack, remember that your main task is to destroy the enemy’s safe, and not to get involved in protracted battles with them, and make sure that no one sneaks into your safe, otherwise you can lose the battle unnoticed.
  1. If you decide to play on defense, then act and place your heroes so as to cover all approaches to it and when you repel the attacks, you can go on the attack and attack opponents and safes.

Brawl Ball

  1. Since this is a football-like mode, play a lot of passing to avoid giving the ball to your opponent, confuse them and look for the best opportunities to shoot and score a goal.
  1. Defend and attack with the whole team as one unit, this is the only way to score goals and get an additional boost in Brawl Stars.
  1. Control the ball – there is a famous football rule: as long as we have the ball, we will not be scored. Therefore, always keep the ball, even if there are no options to attack, but as long as you have it, you control the initiative.
  1. Play defensively and present – if the enemy has the ball, then attack and block the shooting opportunities, force them to make mistakes and regain the ball and the initiative.


  1. First of all, throw all your energy into collecting bolts, because the team that collects its first robot first will have an advantage in destroying the enemy base. Keep the center of the map where they appear and the faster you can take control of them, the faster you can claim victory.
  1. Support your robot and don’t let it be destroyed, otherwise everything will have to start all over again and vice versa, destroy the enemy robot before it can complete its task.
  1. Try to balance your efforts between building your robot and solidly defending your base, and don’t neglect either the first or the second task.

Hot Spots

Control the zone – concentrate your efforts to capture as many zones as possible as quickly as possible, and then focus on fighting for the remaining points in order to push opponents out of them.

Block zones – to get an advantage, you need to choose agents who can block game zones and prevent opponents from approaching them with the help of skills.

Communicate with the game team in order to determine the goals of the assault and defense, and remember that you need to react instantly and constantly change your plans.

Other tips and tricks that will help you in Brawl Stars

Learn to dodge and hide from some of the damage to minimize the risk of death in most moments.

Predict and predict your opponents’ plans in order to attack them and inflict damage at the most unexpected moment.

Think about at what point you will use your most important abilities, because they have a cooldown, and so that the moment does not come when it is more profitable to use it. The only exception is the healing skill, because you should always have a high health reserve, just like your allies.


To consistently receive rank boosts in Brawl Stars, you need to combine the development of strategic thinking, skillful play on the chosen character and effective teamwork, taking into account voice communication.

Constantly learn and find your favorite game formats to boost in Brawl Stars, and focus your efforts on what you really like.

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