Emerald of Katong Sim Lian Land Condo at Jalan Tembusu Site Tanjong Katong MRT

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli March 14, 2024
Updated 2024/03/14 at 9:21 AM
Emerald of Katong Sim Lian Land Condo at Jalan Tembusu Site Tanjong Katong MRT

Sim Lian Group, the renowned real estate giant, has emerged as the top bidder for the sought after Jalan Tembusu site, offering a whopping $1,069 (psf ppr). This milestone acquisition has granted Sim Lian Group the freedom to determine the prices for the upcoming residential units at the Emerld of Katong development. According to industry experts, the launch price for these units is expected to commence at $2,100 psf, with an average range of $2,200 to $2,400 psf.

The well-known real estate company, Sim Lian Group, recently clinched a top bid at $1,069 (psf ppr) for the highly sought-after Jalan Tembusu site. This successful bid gives Sim Lian Group the flexibility to set prices for the upcoming residential units at the Emerald of Katong development. It is estimated that the launch price for these units will start at $2,100 psf, with an anticipated average range of $2,200 to $2,400 psf.

Victoria Junior College, located in the prestigious Emerald of Katong neighborhood, is a highly sought-after educational institution that prepares students for the pre-university level. With a reputation for academic excellence and a lively student community, it is no wonder that many families in this area choose VJC as their top choice. Its focus on nurturing both character and intellect aligns perfectly with the values of the Emerald of Katong community.

The highly sought-after neighborhood of Tanjong Katong have excellent connectivity with multiple expressways, including the Pan Island Expressway, East Coast Parkway, and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway. However, it’s not just by highways that the area is well-connected; major roads such as Tanjong Katong Road itself also play a crucial role in linking residents to various parts of Singapore. Fondly known as the “Emerald of Katong,” this vibrant road is home to an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, offering a taste of the area’s rich cultural heritage and bustling lifestyle. Within the vicinity, Marine Parade Road and East Coast Road also buzz with commercial activities, with a plethora of amenities such as local eateries, sporty cafes, shopping malls, and recreational facilities. With its strategic location and abundance of conveniences, Tanjong Katong is truly a gem in the heart of Singapore’s East Coast.

Tanjong Katong, also known as the Emerald of Katong, boasts a vibrant culture and a bustling ambiance. This charming district is renowned for its captivating architecture and charming shophouses that showcase the rich history of the area. It has also gained popularity for its multicultural dining scene, which presents a wide array of culinary choices ranging from authentic local joints to high-end international establishments. With an abundance of renowned eateries in the vicinity, including the famous Katong Laksa and the must-try Peranakan delicacies in Joo Chiat, Tanjong Katong is a food lover’s paradise.

Katong Square and Katong V have become must-see destinations for those seeking a more intimate and tailor-made shopping adventure. These two shopping centers embody the essence of the Katong vicinity, blending contemporary retail with a touch of nostalgia. Nestled within their walls are unique boutiques and charming cafes, and a diverse array of lifestyle stores that cater to the refined preferences of residents and tourists alike. As the vibrant hub of the Emerald of Katong, these malls are a must-visit for any shopper looking for a unique and memorable experience.

In addition to the traditional route of schooling, the area is also filled with an abundance of prestigious international schools. Among these are the Canadian International School & also Chatsworth International School, both of which offer a wide range of educational programs, such as the esteemed International Baccalaureate. These schools bring a global outlook to education, attracting families from abroad and those seeking an international learning approach. The Emerald of Katong is truly a hub for a well-rounded education.

 Not to mention, the quaint shophouses in the area also house unique boutiques and traditional shops where you can find one-of-a-kind items.

Tanjong Katong, or also known as the Emerald of Katong, boasts of a delightful shopping experience that is bound to satisfy all kinds of shoppers. This vibrant neighborhood is packed with a diverse selection of shopping centers, including Katong Shopping Centre, Parkway Parade, and 112 Katong. These retail hubs showcase a plethora of stores, restaurants, and leisure activities, making it a one-stop destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. Not only that, but these malls have also become go-to places for locals to unwind and socialize with their loved ones. Additionally, the charming shophouses in the area are home to unique boutiques and traditional shops, providing a charming and authentic shopping experience for visitors. With such a dynamic shopping scene, it’s no wonder why Tanjong Katong is often hailed as the Emerald of Katong.

 The presence of the iconic Emerld of Katong shopping mall only adds to the allure of this already captivating area.

Tanjong Katong is an ideal neighborhood in Singapore, thanks to its perfect mix of connectivity, historical significance, lively atmosphere, and educational resources. The area has become a sought-after residential location due to its distinctive character and convenient amenities, making it an appealing spot for urban dwellers seeking a culturally vibrant and dynamic community. Additionally, the renowned Emerld of Katong shopping mall further enhances the allure of this charming district.

The charming neighborhood surrounding the Emerald of Katong is a dream come true for anyone looking to indulge in a shopping spree. Just a short distance away lies the Parkway Parade, a mecca for all shopaholics. Boasting an impressive array of over 250 stores, this shopping paradise has something for everyone. From the latest fashion trends to home décor, gadgets, and more, this mall has it all. Its lively atmosphere and diverse range of retail options make it a must-visit destination for all avid shoppers.

For those seeking a more modern shopping experience, the revamped I12 Katong is just a stone’s throw away. This popular mall has undergone a recent transformation, offering a sleek and contemporary setting for shoppers to enjoy. With a perfect blend of retail stores, entertainment options, and dining establishments, it has become a hot spot for both locals and expats alike. And being situated in the heart of the Emerald of Katong, it is easily accessible to all.

The Emerald of Katong, also known as Tanjong Katong, has gained a reputation for its close proximity to a variety of prestigious educational institutions. This charming area is home to numerous highly regarded schools and educational facilities, making it a desirable location for families with school-age kids. The presence of these institutions only enhances the family-friendly atmosphere of the neighborhood, providing children with convenient access to top-notch education right in their own backyard.

Nestled alongside the renowned Emerald of Katong in the desirable District 15, the 99-year leasehold site covers a vast area of 221,436 square feet and boasts a maximum permissible gross plot ratio of 3.5. This presents an exciting opportunity for the development of a brand new residential complex, accommodated with around 840 exclusive units and a generous gross floor area (GFA) of 775,034 square feet.

The URA in Singapore has taken on an exciting project to rejuvenate Katong, with the goal of breathing new life into the district while still conserving its distinctive cultural roots. This ambitious endeavor is set to deliver a host of advantages for those living in the Emerald of Katong Condo, effectively elevating the overall living experience and property values in the vicinity.

The Emerald of Katong is ideally located near several prestigious educational establishments, providing residents with easy access to a plethora of enrichment facilities, including music schools and educational services. This offers the perfect opportunity for children and teenagers to embark on a well-rounded and immersive learning experience.

Sim Lian Land has launched a stunning new project called Emerald of Katong, situated in the heart of Katong. This development emerged as the top choice in the tender which concluded on July 18. Among the two proposals that were submitted for the private residential plot at Jalan Tembusu, Sim Lian Group secured the winning bid. Their offer of $828.8 million was equivalent to $1,069 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr). This narrowly surpassed the bid of $828 million ($1,068 psf ppr) placed by a consortium formed by City Developments Ltd (CDL) and Frasers Property, with a margin of only $800,000 (0.1%).

The success of Sim Lian Group in securing this prime plot of land for the development of Emerald of Katong is indicative of their impressive track record in the real estate industry. Their winning bid is a testament to their ability to identify and capitalize on valuable opportunities in the market. Located in the sought-after area of Katong, this project is expected to garner a lot of attention from prospective buyers.

The Emerald of Katong is set to be a luxurious residential development, boasting modern architecture and high-end amenities. With its prime location, residents will have easy access to an array of retail, dining and entertainment options in the vibrant neighborhood of Katong. Additionally, this project is located near many prestigious schools, making it an ideal choice for families.

Sim Lian Group’s triumph in securing the Emerald of Katong project adds a valuable addition to their portfolio of successful developments. With their commitment to quality and innovation, this project is expected to be a shining gem in the bustling and charming district of Katong.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has recently announced its efforts to revitalize Katong through various development projects. One key aspect of this initiative is the improvement of the area’s greenery and recreational spaces. This means that residents can look forward to an even more vibrant and inviting neighborhood, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and engage in leisure activities. These green spaces not only promote a healthier lifestyle but also contribute to the overall charm of Katong, making it a highly desirable place to call home.

As part of the URA’s plans, new parks will be developed, along with waterfront promenades and recreational facilities. These additions will provide residents with a multitude of options for outdoor fun and relaxation. Whether it’s taking a stroll along the picturesque waterfront, having a picnic in a lush park, or participating in recreational sports, there will be something for everyone in Katong.

Moreover, these green spaces serve as a valuable escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Amidst the concrete jungle, they offer a refreshing breath of fresh air and a chance to connect with nature. With the addition of more greenery and recreational spaces, Katong will become an oasis within the city, attracting more visitors and increasing the quality of life for its residents.

The URA’s “Emerald of Katong” initiative is not just about making the neighborhood look greener and more visually appealing. It also aims to promote a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle for those who live there. As people increasingly prioritize their well-being, the availability of green spaces in a residential area becomes a major selling point. By incorporating these elements into the development plans, the URA is not only improving the physical landscape of Katong, but also enhancing its overall livability.

In conclusion, the URA’s transformation efforts in Katong will not only add to the charm of the neighborhood but also improve the quality of life for its residents. The development of parks and waterfront features, and recreational facilities will enhance the greenery and provide diverse opportunities for leisure activities. The “Emerald of Katong” initiative is set to make the neighborhood a highly coveted place to live, with its perfect balance of urban convenience and natural beauty.

Emerald of Katong, with its prime location, not only offers close proximity to esteemed academic institutions, but also seamlessly merges educational pursuits with a convenient and high-quality lifestyle. The seamless integration of sought after education with the comfort and opulence of residing in a highly desirable district in Singapore, makes Emerald of Katong an ideal option for families that prioritize both education and exceptional living standards.

Emerald of Katong is not just a place to live, it is a community that embodies convenience, opulence, and the lively cultural essence of the Katong area. The seamless integration of shopping, dining, and cultural activities makes living at Emerald of Katong a daily indulgence. It is a haven where every instant is a celebration of the finer aspects of life, surrounded by the charm of one of Singapore’s bes neighborhoods. Whether in pursuit of retail therapy, a culinary journey, or a chance to immerse oneself in the local culture, Emerald of Katong as the epitome of upscale living that truly has everything.

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