FIFA 23: How to Use Instructions

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

There are many different schemes in the FIFA 23 game, but none of them will work 100% unless you give out unique instructions to each of the players. In this article, we will talk about important instructions to your players on the field.

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Flank Defenders – Stay behind when attacking

In our opinion, this is the most important and necessary indication of all. After the next numbered part of FIFA, the flank defenders began to run very far into the attack, so that you (if especially a beginner) can consistently concede 3-4 goals in a match on counterattacks. Therefore, we recommend setting up your LB and RB to stay behind when attacking. Do not be afraid – they will still run into the attack thanks to passes to the wall, but they will not reach someone else’s corner flag.

Why it’s important: it creates the necessary balance of defense and attack, returns runaway full-backs, protecting against counterattacks.

Alternative: if you don’t have LB and RB in your circuit, it’s okay, you can give these instructions to your RM and LM.

Central midfielder/Defender – Stay behind when attacking

The same indication as for full-backs. Only the goal is slightly different – in addition to protecting against counterattacks, by this indication you do not allow the defender to participate in attacks. Usually, a defensive midfielder is a tall, slow, and strong player with a (unfortunately) bad shot. Such a player has no place in the attack, but FIFA actively (especially when passing to the wall, which is logical) sends the player forward.

Why it’s important: it creates the necessary balance of defense and attack, removes a weak player from the attack, protects against counterattacks, and allows you to playback during a positional attack.

Alternative: if in your scheme there is more than one prop, or there is no prop at all – assign it either to one of the props or to one of the CMs.


Flankers – Run behind the defenders

As you can see, we have divided the tasks into attack and defense. Many novice players discover offensive tasks a little later than defensive tasks, because they begin to learn how to play in defense. This happens around the moment when the players in the attack stop running on their own and just spoil each attack with a pass to the move or through. Therefore, you have to get out of the situation, and this is the most correct way out.

Why it’s important: it allows you to cut through the defense with passes on the move, unexpectedly bursting into the box

Alternative: if you have flank midfielders, then feel free to give them this setup – you have reliable defenders in the back.

Center-forwards – Run for defenders

Everything is the same as about the flank attackers. By giving this setting, you can count on successful attacks in the center. In addition, along with the installation for flank attackers, you can choose whom to give to on the move, and this not only adds variability to the attack but also creates tension – it is more difficult for the opponent to guess which zone to cover.

Why it’s important: it adds variation in attack.

Alternative: if you have a ramming forward, you can try not to give this setting, but on the contrary – put a false nine.


Playmaker (DAC) – Free choice of position

The first, and very interesting, is to force your playmaker not to be tied to the position. It will add attack development options, confuse the opponent, and create a numerical superiority – everything that attacking teams like.

Any attacking player – Stay ahead

This is for you if you don’t like it when your super-forward comes back and wins back in defense, not allowing you to quickly deploy a counterattack.

Using these settings, you will be able to improve your game in this popular football simulator. Good luck on the playing field!

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