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Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Car detailing is the practice of working on the interior and exterior of a car by hand, using the correct tools and products to restore its glory. Car detailing is important as your car gets cleaned thoroughly in the correct manner by professionals and in most instances it ends up looking as good as a brand new car. Car detailing helps you protect your investment from future damage and enhances its appearance.

Types Of Car Detailing

Professional car detailers such as OCD Detailing, carry out exterior and interior car detailing in the quest to maintain a cars visual appeal and achieve a sparkling finish.

Exterior Detailing

When it comes to exterior car detailing, there are a variety of services that professional car detailers perform. These include:

. Exterior Washing. The car rims, handles and glasses are washed by hand using the correct products, rinsed and then dried. However, it is important to consult with your car service provider if they do a full car wash while another may skip cleaning some parts such as the rims.

. Claying. After cleaning and drying the car, a clay bar may be used to remove any residues, impurities and overspray left on the car with the aim of achieving a sleek smooth surface that can be painted.

. Polishing. Car detailers usually inspect your car and determine those areas that need new paint as the car may have scratches. The aim of the process is to remove the clear coat layer on the car through buffering.

. Sealing. Upon paint correction, a protective layer is now added on the car surface and a sealant or wax is used to give the vibrant and glossy look. A ceramic coating may also be used at this stage.

Interior Detailing

Compared to exterior detailing, interior detailing takes up more time and below are some of the processes that are performed on your vehicle.

  • Vacuuming. Carpets, mats, rear cargo area, headliners and the trunk are vacuumed to remove debris and dirt. An air compressor may be used to clean hard to reach spots.
  • Leather Trimming. Leather interior is cleaned with the correct soap product or saddle soap to avoid inflicting damage on the leather surface if the wrong chemical product is used.
  • Scrubbing and Steam Cleaning. Car mats and carpet may have suffered from staining and scrubbing is done to remove the stain and blemishes. A steam cleaner may be used in some instances of tough stains and the carpets should be left to dry completely to avoid bad odor and mold growth.
  • Glass Cleaning. Windshields and glasses are cleaned with a glass cleaner to ensure they remain clean and clear.
  • Perfuming. You should have your car smelling good all the time. A deodorant is sprayed to leave your car with a nice scent and smelling fresh.

Benefits Of Car Detailing As A Car Owner

Your car may go through the usual car wash routine but with time, the clear top coat paint that comes with new cars may wear off and it ends up looking old. If you are looking forward to showing off your car to family and friends or want to maintain the resell value, taking your car to the detailers is a good choice. Below are more benefits arising from car detailing:

1. Save Money

Everybody loves it when they save a few bucks. When you pay the charges for the car detailing, always look at it in the long run as your car is being protected from future damage. You are likely to spend less on maintenance overall

since the engine will work smoothly due to the regular cleaning and dusting or the headlights will shine brightly.

2. Promotes Health And Wellness

Your carpet, car seats and mats may harbor dust, germs and allergens which may circulate in your car freely. At the car detailer, your car will be disinfected to kill germs. Say bye bye to sneezing and ill health by having your car services at the car detailers

3. Minimized Chances Of Causing Accidents

Your car glasses are well cleaned during interior detailing hence the driver’s view is not obstructed. The driver will also not get distracted as he tries to clean the windscreen while driving.

4. Increase The Resale Value

If the interior and exterior of your car is looking right, then it will likely attract a buyer much quicker if you put the car up for sale. With the precision car detailers use on the car, a buyer may confuse the car to be as good as new and you will end up fetching more for taking good care of your vehicle.

5. Reflects On Your Personality

A poorly maintained car tells a lot about the owner. Similarly, a well maintained car will more likely have a positive impact on your interactions with people. You are likely to close a business deal since you will appear more organized in life compared to one who has a poorly maintained car. Even your confidence on the road will be much higher when driving your well detailed car.

6. Protects The Paint

When you take your vehicle to car detailers, they apply a coat of wax or sealant which protects your car paint from further damage as it acts as a protective barrier and at the same time giving your car a shinier look.

Cost Of Car Detailing

The cost of car detailing largely depends on the size of the car, the type of detailing you wish performed on your car and this varies from one car detailer to the other. It is important to ask for their service packages before hand so you can find out on what is covered in the detailing package and what is not included. Make sure they have the correct paint polishing machines and other important equipment. You find that some car detailers offer headlight polishing, engine detailing, glass chip repair among other services at an additional cost. In the quest to receive high quality services at a reasonable price, ensure you find a trustworthy and professional car detailer.

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