How a Single Social Media Post Can Ruin Your Car Accident Case

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

When you are just coming out of a traumatic accident, it is understandable that you may have plenty of frustration and emotions bottled up in you. You can free yourself by venting or sharing them on social media. However, this could be a terrible idea, especially when you hope to claim a settlement for your injuries from the negligent party.

In case you are involved in a car accident, it’s always better to seek legal counsel from an experienced car accident attorney.

You may wonder, “How could a social media post possibly ruin your car accident case?” Read this article for more clarity.

Contradicting Your Testimony

Should you provide the insurance company with a statement outlining the circumstances and the extent of your injuries, and that information is later refuted on social media, it might potentially harm your claim.

A jury and the insurance company would form a negative opinion on you, for instance, if you claimed to have a broken leg but went hiking afterward.

Location Check-ins Could Expose You

Facebook check-ins at different businesses may reveal your leisure activities, which could undermine your injury claims.

Say, for example, you tell the insurer that your mobility has been affected, but you check in at the gym every day. This could potentially ruin your case and be used as evidence against you.

No Control Over Comments from Friends or Family

Even though you might keep your posts to a minimum, friends and relatives might develop on your vague information. Their information might also be used against you in court.

The insurance company will use it against you, for instance, if you post that you were in a vehicle accident and your mother clarifies that you are “fine.”

Pictures That Could Undermine You

Insurance companies may use photos you upload after an accident to assess the extent of your injuries.

Furthermore, the insurance provider is considerably more likely to notice your actions if you are tagged in social media photos.

When determining your compensation, the insurance company may consider details such as your friends tagging you in a picture while dancing at a club, even if you’ve claimed to require crutches after the accident.

Social Media Posts are Usually Admissible

Despite your best efforts to keep your account a secret, the insurance provider may still obtain information about you.

What people publish about you is beyond your control, and even if it is swiftly removed, the recorded data can be retrieved.

Insurance firms try to use social media to reduce the amount they are required to pay victims.

How Do Insurance Companies Gain Access to My Social Media Accounts?

Insurance companies and attorneys might view your social media posts in several ways.

Anyone who visits your page can see your posts if your account is public. Ensure that your social media accounts are only visible to your friends at all times.

Insurance companies and attorneys can also directly ask your friends and acquaintances for information. Many users screenshot posts and voluntarily share them with outside parties.

Once a personal injury case has been filed, they can access your posts through discovery procedures. The defendant might send you a request to produce documents, which could include all your social media posts about the accident. Even if it undermines your claim, you must always give them this information.

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