How Mobiles Impacted the World of Gaming

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Years before smartphones became multi-functional devices, gaming was a relatively obscure hobby reserved for people who liked pixel graphics on a screen or TV. Back then, no one would have believed that gaming would be a universally accepted form of entertainment that caters to all ages.

Fast forward to today, and modern phones are now indispensable to our daily lives, offering millions of apps and games you can download and play on the go. You can shop for things or play in one of the online casinos seen on BonusFinder US, as well as work with documents and send emails in a flash. The gaming niche suddenly expands and is now more accessible than ever.

A Short History of Gaming Before Mobile Phones

Arcade machines officially started the gaming revolution- those places served as a hub where people could enjoy and try out their skills. Land-based casinos could be considered a type of it as well since they offer the same level of enjoyment at a higher cost.

Then came home consoles with the idea that you could play at home, and it boomed. A decade or so later, the world was treated to machines that could run better graphics, e.g., the SNES, MegaDrive, and Playstation were among the biggest hits.

The Nintendo Gameboy was one of the first mainstream handhelds from which mobile gaming phones came. Computer hardware improved, and therein began PC games. During this time, mobile phones were clunky devices that could only do one thing- call another in a cellular network.

Mobile phones slowly evolved into computer-like devices that could handle nearly everything as hardware technology improved. Then, app stores like the App Store and Play Store were introduced, and the rest is history.

How Did Smartphones Become Gaming Machines?

Faster Chips and Greater Capabilities

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful each day, rivaling that of a laptop. As the gap gets narrower, mobiles can do more than just send a text or call- they can run games with high-quality graphics that are normally reserved for consoles.

As a Handheld, On-the-Go Gaming Device

The main draw of gaming on a mobile is that you can play anywhere. Online requirements can be easily met with a subscription to a mobile internet, which means you can play your favorite games while waiting for the bus or at a doctor’s appointment. Aside from the convenience, there are certain pleasures when it comes to being able to get a gaming device out of your pocket for fun and entertainment.

Proliferation of Readily Available Apps and Games

The sheer number of games on both Android and iOS devices is staggering, with more added on a daily basis. It’s not just the amount of choice, but also the variety and genres you can try. Some of the more popular ones include arcade, action, casual, idle, and recently, MOBA and casino games. Installation is just a matter of choosing which one you like and tapping on the ‘download’ button.

Companies Catering to Mobile Platforms

Companies realized the potential of mobiles as gaming devices and have focused on the niche for a while now. Even games that were previously exclusive to a console or platform have crossed over, either with a mobile version or a complete port. Mobile games have risen as more and more people naturally took to it, elevating gaming to a thriving consumer market.

The Impact of Mobiles on the Gaming Industry

Mobile devices continue to have a massive impact on the world of gaming. It introduced the hobby to the mainstream, made it even more accessible, and grew the market to unheard-of heights, especially during the pandemic.

Games are no longer considered solitary activities, thanks to high-speed internet and social aspects in mobile titles. Gaming as a whole received new-found respect and was not frowned upon. People can entertain themselves with a variety of content, e.g., listening to music, playing a game, or watching streaming videos.

Mobile phone manufacturers are even creating ‘gaming phones’ designed to run the latest and most demanding games with ease, offering large screens, faster charging, and cooling functions for extended sessions. Mobile shifted the landscape and gave it a much-needed shot of adrenaline for the modern world.

A Short Glimpse into the Future of Mobile Gaming

The future of mobile gaming is optimistic for both manufacturers and consumers. As technology grows up and up, devices will be fitted with even more advanced hardware and graphical capabilities, which drives consumer interest. In the meantime, developers will produce more immersive games that cater to the crowd.

Aspects such as AI, spatial environment, and augmented reality are already in the picture, and mobiles could be the next platform for those. Soon, we’ll have mobile phones that can help you do more and achieve more while offering a respite through games and similar forms of entertainment.

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