How to Prepare for Coding Interview in One Week?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Is the clock ticking too fast, and your coding interview is just a week away? If yes, then you need some pro tips to pace up your preparation and give it your best shot. This one might sound absurd, but yes, you can prepare for your coding interviews in just one week. So whether starting afresh or looking for last-minute tips, here are the best tips to help you crack your coding interview in just one week:

Focus on the Basics

This is tip 1 to ace your interview. Interviewers often emphasize testing basic concepts. Since it is the last moment and you must crack it, the last skill you would want to brush is undoubtedly the foundation skills. Clearing your basics does not mean rote learning all the fundamental algorithms. You should be clear with toddler steps of coding and concepts that are most confusing, such as Big-O. You must know the algorithm structures as well. You can find the answer to most of these questions on the devhubby website.


No, it is not the glass door of the interview cabin that we are talking about. It is a platform. Glassdoor is an online platform that provides company reviews. Suppose you are going for a coding interview with company X. In that case, you just go to Glassdoor and search for “Interview Questions of Company X.” they will show you all the sample or probable questions mostly asked by the company interview board. Needless to explain, this can be an excellent reference for help.

Mock Interviews

Sounds crazy? That is a real savior, though. You don’t even know how much helpful this tiny step will be. None of us can imagine what exactly the situation will be in the interview room. But we can try it by creating some simulated environment and practicing our skills in that setting. Mock interviews will tone you up, help you realize some of your weak points, and work on them. It takes only 5 minutes for mock interviews. If you are practicing it with some seniors, make sure to video shoot the whole thing to look at it later and analyze.

Know About Code Sharing Tools

Codesharing tools like Whiteboard are the recent hype of the market. If you don’t know about them, run to your laptop and get a basic idea about them. Whiteboard coding is a little different from real-life coding, but practicing can help a lot. WQhiteboard coding is mimicking the real-time interview situation. It is a pretty fast solution to prime you for the upcoming coding interview.

Connect with Some Seniors of the Same Company

If you can connect with some senior company employees through social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, it will be of great help. You shall be easily able to know about the company’s environment and the areas that they primarily focus on, and prepare yourself to comply with their needs.

Final Words

Do you believe that you cannot change the world in a week? Yes, true enough, but you can change yourself in a week. So, schedule a good plan and crack your interview. Lastly, do not forget to sleep and rest well.

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