Is Being a Cleaner a Good Career? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

There are always several paths that people take in life, but being a cleaner is rarely one of them. Nonetheless, there are other certain aspects that make this particular line of career appealing for some people. In this blog, we get into the details of the pros and cons of being a cleaner to guide you on whether this career fits you.

Job Security and Availability

High Job Security: One of the major advantages of the cleaning job is that every office, school, hospital, home, and any other building have to be cleaned regularly to ensure the sustainability of the cleanliness and a healthy environment. Therefore, there is great job security within the cleaning profession. This is because, even in times of hard economic times or a recession, cleaning professionals are still in great demand, as the services they are rendering are considered a necessity.

What is more, there are many employment opportunities in the area of cleaning. One can work at commercial buildings, education institutions, hospitals, homes, and others. In addition, you can select an environment of your liking. As a matter of fact our friends over at Cleaning Services Austin are currently hiring.


Equally, cleaning jobs are accessible. Unlike many other professions that need many years of education or specific training, getting a job as a cleaner is often possible with a low level of qualifications. Many employers will provide you with on-the-job training to teach you specific cleaning techniques and procedures you need to know in order to perform as a cleaner.

This low bar to entry makes cleaning a great choice for people looking to start working right away without spending a great deal of time or money on education or qualifications. For people who have not managed to obtain a formal education, this is an option that remains open, as well as for people who reach that point in life when they feel they need a change of career.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Most cleaning jobs are usually provided with ample flexibility, something you cannot avail yourself of in most other careers. Most cleaning jobs are part-time, available for the evening or during the weekend. This provides you the avenue to get work that would concur with other commitments that you have, such as family responsibilities or school.

Part-time cleaning jobs are a perfect supplement for another career or studies. Being able to choose the shifts that work for your calendar would enable you to healthily work without being under the tension of not handling something.

Physical Activity and Health

A good, yet often overlooked, factor of cleaning jobs is physical activity. People in cleaning professions are always on their feet, moving around. The nature of their work ultimately enhances general health and fitness.

This is much contrary to the sedentary desk jobs, which can cause a host of health problems; thus, cleaning not only provides you with an income but also keeps you active. Regular physical activity helps a person keep fit and stay healthy to improve cardiovascular health, which boosts energy. If you are a person with the go-getter character and cannot literally sit at the desk for the whole day, cleaning can be a very rewarding career. This approach offers satisfaction and measurable results.


For many, the sense of satisfaction derived from the job goes a long way towards motivation. Cleaning happens to be one of those professions where you can see results almost right away and the results can be felt. You can take pride in transforming a dirty, cluttered space into a clean and orderly environment.

This can be a very motivating and rewarding tangible sense of accomplishment. You know well that your efforts directly help in the cleanliness and well-being of others, which can help provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work.

Possible Downsides to Consider

While the jobs in cleaning are reasonable with respect to many other benefits, the concerned drawbacks should be looked into. Among them, low wages are the major concern. By large, cleaners are paid a little higher than the minimum wage. Many find it difficult to support themselves or their family on such wages.

Furthermore, cleaning jobs hardly include some benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave. This can actually prove to be really disadvantageous for those depending only on their jobs for the source of income and healthcare.

Also what this means is a potential scope for career advancement in cleaning. Whereas some cleaners can work up to supervisory or managerial level, overall earnings potential and growth are quite limited compared with other career paths.

The physical demands associated with cleaning are sometimes a concern to a few people. Cleaning repetitively involves motions that include lifting and long periods of standing and walking. Over time, these physical strains can result in musculoskeletal problems or worsen pre-existing health conditions. Cleaners should be careful with body mechanics and take breaks to prevent injury.

In addition, the cleaners are made prone to a plethora of chemicals and cleaning agents that cause corrosion and irritations to their skin and breathing systems. All these can be actually curtailed to an extent with proper training and safety precautions like using gloves and masks. However, those having sensitivities or allergies to certain chemicals, find it difficult to undertake the cleaning work.

Third, it is solitary work with little social interaction. Cleaners usually work alone or in small groups during off-hours when buildings are mostly empty. This isolation can get to one’s mind, especially if one thrives on social connections and collaboration in work.

Specialization and High-Paying Opportunities

While most of the cleaning jobs are low-paying, one can always pick up a specialization to make good money at it. Some cleaners work in niche areas like crime scene cleaning, hazardous waste removal, or high-end house cleaning services in Austin.

These professional cleaning positions will definitely have additional requirements for training and certification, but can also come with significantly higher compensation. For instance, individuals working in the crime scene cleaning profession, as biohazard remediation specialists, may earn significantly more than the average wage for these types of jobs since the work can be very intensive and sensitive.

It also includes having the opportunity of an independent cleaning business that can be pursued by cleaners who are looking for higher pays. Going solo or starting a small team of cleaners shall mean great control over rates, schedule, and clientele. Yet, with the risks and responsibilities that come with this territory, one has to handle money, market the services, and guarantee satisfaction among customers.


All in all, a job in cleaning can appear safe with flexible hours and physical activity. Jobs in cleaning have steady demand, low entrance barriers, and satisfaction based on tangible results of what has been done.

However, these advantages have to be weighed against several possible downsides, like low wages, small benefits, and physical exertion. Decide for yourself if cleaning is a good career move after considering your own situation, financial needs, and long-term career goals.

If you happen to specialize in cleaning, boost your career by doing specializations in the same or entrepreneurship opportunities in which the pay is much higher. Cleaning is a stable and satisfying career if you work hard and dedicate yourself to it.

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