Legalities Involved with Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to hire a criminal defense lawyer, it likely means you’ve been accused of committing a crime or even arrested for committing a legal offense. One of the most common reasons for hiring a criminal defense lawyer is if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI.

Says Phoenix DUI lawyers from the Law Office of Aaron M. Black, a reputable DUI lawyer, will represent you in a court of law without requiring your presence. When possible, the lawyer acting on your behalf will legally work things out so you can continue to work and make the money you need to not only live but to pay for your legal troubles. You will also have the peace of mind knowing a professional is doing the heavy legal lifting on your behalf.   

But aside from a DUI, why else would you require the services of a criminal defense attorney? Also, what exactly can one do for you and your legal jeopardy? According to a new report by The Baltimore Post-Examiner, if you find yourself facing criminal charges, perhaps for reckless driving that resulted in a car crash or even a bar fight that got physical to the point of you’re being accused of assault, you will find that it can be a super stressful and almost overwhelming situation.

Also, the legal system tends to be as confusing as it is complex. This means you might find yourself unsure of your rights and what steps you should take next so that you don’t get yourself in even more trouble. That’s why the most important thing you can do for yourself is to find the best criminal defense lawyer near you who can represent you to the best of their ability and assist you with navigating the comprehensive legal system.    

Even a basic understanding of criminal law is said to be crucial when you’re searching for the right criminal defense lawyer. If you’re facing real criminal charges, false or not, it’s of paramount importance that you are aware of how the legal system works, plus have a solid idea of the rights that protect you under the U.S. Constitution.

A reputable criminal defense lawyer’s job number one is to guide you through the many complexities of the legal process and see that your rights are not jeopardized in any way. They will also educate you in no uncertain terms about the possible consequences you will face should you be convicted in a court of law.    

Evaluation Your Case and Constructing a Defense Strategy

Here’s what an experienced criminal defense attorney will do when evaluating your legal case:

1. Creating a clear understanding of the circumstances involved and then developing a bullet-proof defense strategy.

Your criminal attorney will examine all the evidence presented against you. This includes but is not limited to witness statements, police reports, and physical evidence. Your lawyer or lawyers will also give close scrutiny to the prosecution’s case to reveal any weaknesses and expose inconsistencies that they can then exploit in your favor.

2. Conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation.

This portion of the legal proceedings involves hiring expert witnesses to examine the evidence, plus the gathering of evidence that will support your side or version of the events that led to the arrest. The lawyers might also hire private investigators, forensic professionals, and other crime specialists to assist with uncovering brand-new evidence that will directly challenge the prosecution’s evidence thus far. The process of evidence gathering will require strict attention to detail, along with solid analytical skills.

3. Identification of potential legal defenses.

It’s also your criminal defense attorney’s job to review the facts of your case along with the applicable laws that are said to determine defenses, if any, that might apply. For instance, your lawyer might argue that you were wrongly ID’d or that the evidence the prosecution obtained was collected unlawfully. Your criminal defense lawyer might also attempt to prove that you acted in self-defense. They might go after other legal defenses that pertain to your case too.  

Keep in mind that once the defense strategy is fully developed, your criminal defense attorney will then go to work presenting it as effectively as possible in a court of law. The lawyer or lawyers will thoroughly prepare and present the necessary arguments, conduct cross-examinations of witnesses, and also challenge all or most of the prosecution’s so-called evidence. Every step of the way, your legal rights will be advocated for to ensure you receive a fair and just trial.

Taken on the whole, an effective criminal defense attorney will play a crucial role in your case evaluation and constructing a strong defense to protect your legal rights as a person who is innocent before proven guilty. It’s the lawyer’s job to produce the best possible legal outcome for your case, whether you are technically guilty or not.

In fact, a good lawyer won’t even want to know if you are innocent or guilty. That would only cloud their legal judgment and perhaps cause them to recuse themselves from the legal proceedings altogether.

Your Representation in the Court Proceedings

If your criminal defense attorney is reputable, he or she will skillfully and tirelessly represent you in court via cross-examination of key witnesses, presentation of crucial arguments, and also by challenging the prosecution’s evidence to make certain you are receiving the fairest trial possible and to assure the best legal outcome possible. The attorney will put all of their criminal defense expertise into crafting the strongest defense strategy possible and one which is tailored to the specifics of your legal situation.  

While the trial is going on in real-time, you will find that your attorney will be persistently advocating for your interests and legal rights at every possible turn. Convincing arguments will be presented to the judge and jury, demonstrating your innocence or to help mitigate any potential legal consequences that will work against you.  

It’s your criminal attorney’s goal to carefully scrutinize the evidence that’s been presented by the prosecution and expose all the inconsistencies and weaknesses that will be exploited publicly in your favor.

It’s said that the cross-examination of witnesses is one of the most important aspects of your criminal attorney’s role in a court of law. Your attorney will question the prosecutor’s witnesses on a legally strategic basis with the sole purpose of revealing any and all inconsistencies, ulterior motives, and biases the witness might be harboring against you. It’s by carefully scrutinizing the prosecution’s case point by point that your lawyer will strengthen your case and perhaps save you from doing time in a state or federal prison.

Being accused of a crime is serious stuff. Whether you’re guilty or not, it behooves you to hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can find, no matter the cost. Maybe you will go into serious debt in the process, but it beats a lengthy stay behind prison bars.

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