Methods And Tools To Manage A Dedicated Software Development Team

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Managing a dedicated software development team can be challenging, and that is a reality. Basically, such a crew is dissimilar from the internal staff that many technology organizations and entrepreneurs are accustomed to. 

Getting into a new working manner demands a paradigm modification with many challenges. Luckily, you don’t have a scarcity of methods and tools to help you manage your dedicated crew well.

Today’s blog will share the most popular methods and tools you can use to manage and succeed with your dedicated staff.

Methods To Manage A Dedicated Software Development Team

Here are the most prevalent project management methods for software development that you can use.

●      Waterfall Development Method

The waterfall is the most traditional and straightforward software development method. It is a rigid linear model comprising sequential stages concentrating on distinct goals. 

In this method, your team will switch from one project stage to another only once that stage has been 100% completed. There is typically no procedure for going back to change the direction or project. 

Its linear nature makes it easier to comprehend and manage. It is perfect for projects with steady requirements and clear aims. However, it is slow and expensive owing to its tight controls and rigid structure.

●      Agile Development Method

Dedicated software development teams take advantage of the agile development method to reduce risk, such as shifting requirements and bugs and increasing costs when incorporating new functions. 

In all agile methodologies, squads build the software in iterations that comprise new functionalities’ mini-increments. This method has various forms, including feature-driven development, crystal, scrum, and extreme programming.

●      Rapid Application Development Method

It is a condensed development procedure that generates a stellar quality system with low expenses. It permits dedicated teams to adjust speedily to changing requirements in a continuously changing market. 

The ability to adjust speedily is what permits such a low expenditure. This methodology has four stages: requirements, user design, construction, and cutover. 

The construction and user design stages repeat until the user approves that the software satisfies all requirements. It is seamless for small to medium projects with clearly defined users and business objectives.

●      DevOps Development Method

DevOps is an excellent development method and practice that back an organizational culture. Its disposition centers on the organizational transformation that boosts cooperation between the units liable for the development life cycle’s diverse segments, such as development, operations, quality assurance, etc. 

It concentrates on improving time to market, decreasing new launches’ failure rate, lowering distraction, and maximizing dependability. It also increases product quality, team efficiency, and productivity.

Tools To Manage A Dedicated Software Development Team

You must use project management tools to effectively handle your dedicated software development team. These tools will assist you in planning projects and activities, allocating tasks to each team participant, etc. 

Besides, they let you connect, communicate with your crew, and manage their productivity. Below are some of the most prevalent project management tools:

●      Asana

It is one of the most all-inclusive project management tools that permit you to produce large scalable tasks and break them into sub-items and sections. It allows you to create a schedule, communicate, and report the project’s progress.  

●      G-Suite

Google offers teamwork and productivity applications for businesses. G-Suite is a perfect blend of all Google tools and features, which makes it a remarkable powerhouse for productivity.

●      Trello

Trello is based on Kanban methodology and aids you in smoothening your workflow with the assistance of visual cues. When creating a task board, you can differentiate the assignments based on the status or completion degree in this tool.  

●      Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular video-conferencing software for companies. It has been utilized extensively since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Bigger teams can join in for a video meeting. You can use it for your dedicated team to be present for important meetings.  

●      Zoho

Zoho has everything you need for managing your dedicated squad under one roof, including project management invoices, presentations, customer relationship management, web conferencing, spreadsheets, etc.  

●      Slack

You can make project-specific chat rooms using Slack. You can also create channels with a particular tag so that the data with a tag flows to the correct place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How To Make Your Dedicated Development Team Effective?

Follow these guidelines to make your dedicated crew more effective for your company.

●      Set Clear Milestones

After hiring a dedicated staff, present them with the project’s scope, time limits, and objectives.

●      Define Tasks

Define the abilities your dedicated team participants should have and the number of programmers required to finish the project. Accordingly, you can split the project into numerous tasks and allocate them among the different team participants according to their skills.

●      Define Pricing Structure

You will need to issue a pricing structure consisting of team participants’ salaries and service providers’ hourly charges for the employment period.

●      Evaluate Progress And Outcomes

Your team should be required to deliver results at a certain time. This way, you will have a specific date of when and how the project will be finished.

2.    When Should You Hire A Dedicated Team?

A dedicated team is perfect for projects without a clear idea of the outcome. If your deadline, budget, scope, etc., may modify and require scaling quicker with maximum cost-effectiveness, the dedicated team is the best choice.


Managing a remote dedicated team is not very difficult. It just demands a diverse methodology, collaboration tools, and great communication. You can successfully manage your team using the tools and methods mentioned above.

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