Mushroom farm equipment – what features to look for to choose the right models?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

It wouldn’t be right to attribute the success or failure of a mushroom growing farm to only one factor. However, mushroom farm equipment (its quality, features and so on) without a doubt has a big effect on the farm’s overall profitability, so it’s something that requires a lot of attention.

But how to choose the right equipment, especially if someone’s a beginner setting up their first farm? Here are some of the most important features to look for!

Mushroom picking trolleys

An ideal piece of work equipment, including mushroom farm equipment, should be easy to use, efficient and safe. Optimal safety solutions can significantly lower the frequency of any work accidents, and as a result, the need for employees to take sick leave.

Some safety solutions are visible at the first glance, others are less obvious, but no less crucial. Modern mushroom picking lorries are not only highly efficient but also equipped with both electrical and non-electrical safety solutions.

An important example of the former is the automatic stoppage system, which ensures that the trolley will stop on its own when detecting an obstacle, without the need for the picker to react in time (which can be hard, since human reflexes aren’t always very fast). On the other hand, non-electrical features include a non-slip working platform, heavy-duty wheels and solid railings and chains.

Growing nets

Growing nets play an important role in mushroom farms’ growing process. They are used firstly to put substrate on the shelves of the shelving (where the mushrooms grow), and then to pull it out after use.

Cheaper, lower-quality models can quickly start narrowing, there’s also a possibility of holes appearing in them, so high-quality growing nets are the way to go. They are made of durable materials, which positively affects their longevity.

Knives for mushroom picking

Knives used for mushroom picking need to, above all, be appropriately sharp and long-lasting. It’s important that both the blade and the handle are made of durable materials, otherwise the former could become dull and the latter get damaged.

The difference in price between the best and worst models isn’t particularly big. Considering the fact that bad knives will frequently need to be replaced, choosing better models will save money in the long term.

Climate control system

A climate control system is a cornerstone of any modern, technologically advanced mushroom growing farm. As the name suggests, it controls the climate on the farm in many aspects (for example, the temperature), thus providing the optimal conditions for the mushrooms.

A high-quality one, equipped with a wide range of sensors, will allow the business to save on such costs as heating, cooling and ventilation.

While the exact features to look for depend on the type of equipment, there are some that are mostly universal. The best choice is mushroom farm equipment which places the focus not only on efficiency but also on safety. High-quality equipment can be purchased from proven suppliers, for example, GROWTIME.

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