Navigating Student Accommodation in Edinburgh, Scotland: Must-Know Tips for Students

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Whether you’re a local or international student, finding the perfect student accommodation in Edinburgh Scotland, can be daunting. As one of the most popular destinations for students, Edinburgh’s vibrant city offers a wide range of options for living arrangements. From university halls to private rentals, navigating the world of student accommodation in Edinburgh can be overwhelming. Which room type will you choose? What software do you use to rent student accommodation in Edinburgh? Which neighbourhoods are safer in Edinburgh? This post will answer these questions in detail and help you find suitable student accommodation in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Common Room Types

Student accommodation in Edinburgh, Scotland, usually has three room types: Studio, Non-ensuite, and Ensuite. Students can choose the type of apartment according to their budget needs. The price range in the same apartment building ranges from highest to lowest: Studio, Non-ensuite, and Ensuite.


Non-Ensuite refers to a flat with a common kitchen and bathroom. Inside the bedroom, you will have a cot, study area, wardrobe and other facilities. Most of the old student accommodation in Edinburgh is this type of room; the advantage is the low price, and the disadvantage is that the British dormitories are generally mixed-gender, which may not be too adaptable for the relatively conservative Chinese students.


Ensuite is the most sought-after type of accommodation in the UK. These flats, typically shared by 4-6 people, feature a private bathroom for each student and a shared kitchen. Each bedroom is a comfortable 12-16 square metres in size, providing ample space for your studies and relaxation.


Studio rooms are a great option for those seeking more privacy or planning to live with a partner. These self-contained flats come with their own bathroom and kitchen. Many studios allow double occupancy, with the rent shared between the occupants. However, it’s important to note that the price of a studio is typically higher than other types of accommodation.

Best Areas in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the safest cities in the UK overall. Edinburgh is the safest city in the UK when ranked by a UK website on the overall safety index for major cities in the UK. However, there are often complaints from students, including not paying attention to the choice of the neighbourhood when renting an apartment, resulting in burglary, frequently bumping into groups of drunks and being stopped, and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the Scottish index of multiple deprivation before renting an apartment. This website contains a variety of local data, and in terms of renting an apartment, we recommend that you mainly measure the crime rank to avoid areas with a high crime rate. At the same time, the city centre is usually the area with the highest crime rate, so you can combine the Income domain rank to determine the income of the residents and comprehensively analyse the livability and safety of an area.

Choosing Rental Website

Selecting a reliable rental website is crucial in avoiding unnecessary hassles. With numerous rental agency websites in the UK of varying quality, making an informed choice can streamline your search and ensure a smoother rental experience. is one of Edinburgh’s premier rental agency websites, offering various popular properties tailored to students seeking high-quality accommodation. It is committed to convenience and excellence; allows you to book viewings online effortlessly. The streamlined process includes online booking, confirmation of viewing, offline visits, agent communication, and rental confirmation. Additionally, the website features live streaming and replays of numerous listings, enabling you to explore properties through video before an in-person visit. also extends various free consulting services post-rental, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience.

Notes on Renting Student Accommodation in Edinburgh Scotland

Advance Rent Payment

Most properties require the tenant to provide a guarantor, but as overseas students, it can be challenging to find a qualified guarantor in the UK, so it is common for us to pay rent in advance to solve this problem. However, it is essential to remember that landlords are legally only allowed to charge a maximum of six months’ rent in advance and a deposit equal to one month’s rent, so please be careful with any payments over this amount.


Deposits collected by landlords in the UK are protected by law. They must be transferred to a government account and cannot be withheld or used for any other purpose. At the end of the tenancy agreement, the landlord will deduct a certain percentage of the deposit based on the depreciation of the property’s facilities. The remaining deposit balance must then be transferred to the tenant’s account.


Please make sure you read the tenancy agreement. In the UK, there is no time limit on a tenancy, and no one has the right to change the tenant’s condition once they have moved in. The landlord can only charge the amount of rent specified in the contract after it has been signed (usually within a year), and the tenant must be notified of any changes to the rent. The tenant must give the landlord advance notice (usually one month) when moving out. There are many other details, such as the second lease of the house, the cost of common areas, pet ownership, etc., so it is important to understand and agree with the landlord before entering into a contract to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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