Orange County Car Accident : Avoid these Common Mistakes

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

It won’t be wrong to say that most road mishaps in Orange County happens due to driver’s fault and negligence. More often than not, people suffer catastrophic injuries, not knowing how to recover from the losses, especially when they are not at fault. At a time when your financial situation is at its worst, you wouldn’t probably want to spend on legal services. However, hiring an Orange County personal injury attorney immediately after could be one of the most effective ways of getting a fair outcome. People often wrongly assume that engaging an attorney is an expensive option, ignoring the fact that most law firms take up injury claims on a contingency fee in California. Here are some other mistakes you must avoid after a car crash.

Failure to call the police after an accident

You are required to call the police after an accident in Orange County and anywhere in California. The police report is clear proof that an accident happened, and you need a copy of that. If you fail to inform law enforcement, the other party may claim they were never at the scene when the mishap happened. With no witnesses, things can turn against you in no time.

Admitting that you are sorry

No matter whether you were at fault, you should never say you are sorry to the other party, the police, or the insurance company. Even though California laws are claimant-friendly, admitting fault can drastically reduce the final compensation. Yes, you should call 911 to get help for the other injured parties, but don’t accept the accident happened because of your action.

Giving a recorded statement to an insurer

Insurance companies work for premiums, and the claims adjuster will do their best to ensure that your compensation is lowered to suit their interests. Even if you feel terrible after the mishap, do not agree to sign a release, or give a statement to any insurance company until you have an attorney on your side. Let the lawyer file the claim and negotiate compensation before you agree to anything.

Fixing your car right away

Before you have a lawyer to check all details, do not fix your car. This may reduce your compensation as the car itself is a critical piece of evidence. Let the lawyer check the vehicle and make a call on whether you should send it for repairs.

Find a good lawyer before you make major decisions.  

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