This page addresses many of the questions relating to the policy change for the Readability service, effective . If you have any other questions about this policy change, please contact us. We’re no longer collecting subscriber fees as of the end of . A good background and explanation of the rationale behind the policy change is shared on the Readability blog. You can find the related post by clicking here.

For any remaining paying subscribers, we will automatically terminate their subscription and no longer collect payment after . All registered users of Readability will still have the same functionality and tools as always.

Yes. We will be paying every registered publisher the amount owed to them. We’ll just need you to to complete your publisher address information.

Yes, you can register your site to claim any money set aside for your domains by .

We’re giving the money to non-profits that Readability has selected that speak to the spirit of supporting reading and writing. We’ve already selected a couple. You can learn more about our plans for unclaimed funds by reading this blog post.