Reliable and Affordable Garage Door Repair in the US Capital

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Having working garage doors is very important for every homeowner. Garage doors consist of several components that work together for smooth operation. If any of the components begin to fail, then repair is necessary. A broken garage door can cause a security problem that can become serious if left unchecked. That’s where we come to the rescue, we’re qualified and knowledgeable in quickly diagnosing a problem and working to fix it. We have many years of experience and therefore know what to do and what details are needed to return the door to good working condition in the shortest possible time. Customer service is our first focus, and our technicians are courteous. STI Garage Door is a worldwide provider of garage door repairs. The phone number provided on the website can be used to get in touch with us. If you have any inquiries or need any services related to your garage door, we will be pleased to assist. We collaborate with you at STI Garage Door to develop solutions for all of your garage door needs. Call us to learn more about the services we provide and plan your garage door repair in washington dc.

Services we provide

  • On-site diagnostics
  • Emergency Repair Service
  • Repair of a broken spring
  • Emergency repairs
  • Garage doors do not open or close
  • Repair and install the opener
  • Replacement of garage doors
  • Damaged garage door panels
  • Broken garage door rollers
  • Replacement of garage door cables
  • Remote Control

Why do gate owners face the need to repair them?

  1. Today’s garage doors are high-tech products with a variety of uniquely created components and systems that carry out certain tasks. Which we can separate into the primary and secondary.

The main ones include:

  • Anti-burglary;
  • Tightness;
  • Heat insulation;
  • Appearance.

To minor:

  • Smoothness and freedom of movement;
  • Corrosion of structural elements;
  • Ease of management;
  • Noise;
  • Intensity of operation;
  • Allowable loads.

Properly selected above functions will ensure uninterrupted operation for a time several times exceeding the warranty period of operation. As practice shows, the low price is the main motivation for purchasing garage doors, which means the worse the characteristics of the door, the less it costs. And as a result of this, there is often a need for repair, even within a year.

2. Another issue is the quality of installation, which is also directly proportional to the qualifications of the installation teams and the quality of their work.

How not to get to the repair of garage doors ahead of time?

  • Clearly define the necessary properties of the gate (heat protection, intensity, aggressive environment, etc.);
  • Choose the manufacturer and type of gate (study the characteristics, reviews, videos);
  • Choose an installation company (ask for a manufacturer’s recommendation, evaluate professional qualities by phone or call to the site, read reviews);
  • When using the gate, strictly adhere to the instruction manual, especially when it comes to maintenance.

Our company offers one-time repair services and regular technical service. Service maintenance will ensure long and uninterrupted operation of your equipment. The range of services provided by us includes the replacement of individual gates, as well as the replacement and reprogramming of automatic control fobs. We install auto drives, duplicating them manually (indispensable in case of power outage).

Repair of sectional garage doors

You can always order a professional repair from our specialists. We provide qualified services related to ensuring the uninterrupted operation of equipment.

High-quality repair requires a detailed knowledge of this complex mechanism, as well as the features of automation. The weak points of the products are determined by their design features: there may be wear of the shaft, tires, console, slats, etc. It is not recommended to try to repair them yourself – it will be easier and cheaper to implement this with our competent help.

Repair of sliding garage doors

An important argument in favor of purchasing sliding gates is a significant saving of space. Our company offers regular technical service and one-time repair of structures. Competent maintenance will ensure uninterrupted and long-term operation of the equipment.

The range of services provided includes the replacement of failed elements, individual canvases of structures and reprogramming of auto-control key fobs. We also install auto drives, duplicating them manually (which are indispensable in case of power outage).

We are always at your service!

Types of breakdowns that can be eliminated by our specialists

Upon arrival at the call, the selected master will conduct a detailed diagnosis in order to accurately establish the reason why the gate fails. After that, the contractor will make an estimate for the repair and, having approved it with you, will begin to work. Depending on the nature and cause of the detected breakdown, the specialist will perform:

  • adjustment of electronics, automation, mechanical part
  • reprogramming of the control unit
  • reinstalling the drive
  • loop reinforcement
  • replacement of springs
  • installation of locks
  • trimming or building up the canvas, etc.

In addition, our contractors perform modernization and restoration of the gate. If you want to update the old iron doors in the garage, report this in the application on the website. The master will promptly arrive at the specified address with a set of necessary tools, carry out welding work, seal the cracks, replace the hinges, clean the canvas from rust, primer and paint.

Also, from our performers you can inexpensively order services for the replacement of garage doors. The master, whom you choose on our website, will make the necessary measurements and in the shortest possible time will manufacture, deliver and install new, high-quality gates. We offer a wide range of new garage door openers to choose from. We offer models of garage door openers that you can rely on and back them up with an excellent warranty.

Your current opener can be repaired

Usually, there is no need to replace the garage door opener; instead, it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost. Our technicians always arrive with a fully stocked truck, so they will be transporting the parts needed to repair the garage door opener. If you’re hesitant over the fact whether you need a repair or replacement, drop us a line, and we’ll send a technician to you.

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