Repairing Vs. Replacing Glass

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Do you know whether you should be replacing or repairing your windows? You are on the right page! Here is a guide to everything you should know when it comes to repairing or replacing windows, the cost involved with each of these options, and things you should be looking out for.

In most cases, deciding whether to replace or repair will have to do with the problem your window is experiencing. An example of this may involve resealing your window to prevent a draught. However, when the draught is caused by structural issues, replacing your window with an expert glazier such as Drglass may be the only option.

There are many ways to decide whether to replace or repair your windows. Here is a list of a few of the more common problems:

1.) Mould Or Damp

When water has started seeping into areas of your home, it is clear there is a problem with the window’s waterproofing. When left untreated, the water will start to build up and result in rot or mould, which could cause further damage to the windows, which can make a replacement or repair more expensive. For a minor damp problem, resealing the window should be sufficient. But for a large problem such as heavy mould and rot, replacing the window is a better option.

2.) Cracks Or Damage

Whether the glass or the frame is damaged, these issues should be dealt with as soon as possible. Replacing windowpanes is a simple task, but when parts that include the lintels, casing, or frame are damaged, replacing the window will save you money.

3.) Decreased Soundproofing

Double-glazed windows offer more than one benefit, which includes blocking out sound. So when your windows are no longer muffling the sounds of outside bustle or traffic, you may want to consider replacing your double-glazed windows or even upgrading them to triple glazing.

4.) Difficulties Closing Or Opening Your Windows

When a new house starts to settle, windows will usually need a readjustment after a couple of months. However, for those that don’t live in new houses, the windows will usually need to be replaced. As time goes by, pressure, wear and tear, cold, and heat can erode windows which causes them to warp or misalign. In some cases, the issue requires a quick repair, such as deep cleaning, resealing, or a readjustment. In other instances, the issue could be caused by degradation, swelling, or wood rot, which will usually necessitate a replacement.

If you are finding it difficult to diagnose what is wrong with your windows, you should seriously consider consulting with a professional window installer company to find out what is wrong. When you hire a professional company, you can be sure that your window problems will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The Cost Of Window Repairs Or Replacements

Now that you are aware of the types of problems you should be looking out for, we will now cover the “potential costs” for each of these issues. Repairs are typically cheaper when compared to replacements, but before committing to a replacement or restoration, you need to ensure that this is all your window will need. Keep in mind that “prevention is better than cure”.

If you require an emergency repair, it is probably due to a major problem. The cost usually depends on how extensive the damage is, but you can expect anything from £120 upwards just for the labour. Repairing blown windows is dependent on the window and its size. According to Superior Windows, these costs range from £55 – £145. Window frame repairs are dependent on the materials used, but on average these repair costs range between £172 and £290.

Windowpane or window glass replacements typically cost £100 per window (excluding labour). Window sash replacements usually average around £1,300 per window. For sash windows that only require a restoration, the costs could be as cheap as £80.

In most areas of the UK, standard replacements for window sills typically average around £180, which usually increases to around £230 for most sash windows. It is understandable that many homeowners are trying to save money during these difficult and uncertain times, which is why many people try to complete these tasks themselves. However, when it comes to such an expensive investment such as your home it is always advisable to seek professional assistance whenever possible.

If you have started to notice an issue with the windows in your home, a professional window company can help you to save money and time. Having your problem diagnosed by a window and glazing company will guarantee that the issue is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the added benefits of hiring a professional is that any other issue with your windows, frames, sills, or lintels can be resolved, even if you were not aware of them, to begin with.

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