Sheds In Ireland: A Quick Guide

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Are you looking for a shed in Ireland? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into sheds made of different materials and their benefits. Whether you need a garden shed, storage shed, or workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about buying the perfect shed.

Different Shed Materials And Their Benefits

The materials used to construct a shed greatly affect its durability and overall quality. According to, The most common materials used for sheds in Ireland are wood, metal, and plastic.

Wooden sheds are popular for their natural look and feel and endless customisation. For instance, you could use Rustic, Deluxe, or Barrell Board types of woods to achieve a certain look. They also do not need a solid foundation for setting up. Instead, the walls are put up on solid blocks. However, they require more maintenance than other types of sheds.

Metal sheds are durable and require little maintenance. Additionally, they are cheaper to transport as they are flat-packed during shipping. However, they can be prone to rust if not properly cared for and require a flat foundation that is time-consuming to build.

Plastic sheds are easy to assemble and require very little maintenance, but they may not be as durable as other types of sheds.

Typical Use Cases Of Garden Sheds In Ireland

Gardens sheds are inherently versatile features to add to your home. Whether you elect to purchase a steel, wooden, or garden shed made of other materials, you can purchase a shed for a wide variety of uses. Add customisation into the mix, and the use cases are seemingly endless.

Some of the most common applications of sheds include the following:

Home Offices –

You can create the perfect working environment at home by using a garden shed as your office. There are numerous sheds designed for home offices, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect an office to have.

Greenhouses –

These are perfect for gardening enthusiasts who want a space to pot plants, store gardening tools, and work on small projects.

Garden Rooms –

These are the most popular types of sheds in Ireland. Garden rooms are perfect for storing garden tools, lawnmowers, and other gardening equipment.

Garden Studios/Workshops –

If you’re looking for a space to work on DIY projects or hobbies, a workshop shed is perfect for you.

Storage Sheds –

These are ideal for storing larger items like bikes, furniture, and even cars (especially on a long-term storage basis).

Lodging Sheds –

Lodging sheds are designed for accommodation. If you don’t have ample room for guests or prefer your guests to enjoy a private accommodation space in your home, a lodging shed is a perfect addition to your backyard.

Kids Play Sheds –

If you’re looking for a space to work on DIY projects or hobbies, a workshop shed is perfect for you.

Dog Kennels –

Dog kennels are perfect for homeowners looking to provide their pets with sheltered space outside the house.

Garages –

A garage shed is the perfect addition if your house does not have a garage or you need more garage space. Purchasing and installing a garage shed is cheaper than renovating your home to add or extend your garage space.

While typical use cases for sheds in Ireland are in the domestic environment, commercial properties also use sheds. For instance, larger commercial sheds have been used as warehouses, plant rooms, and trade rooms (especially motor trade rooms).

Customisation Option For Your Shed

It’s possible to customise your shed to suit your needs. In fact, customising sheds is typically part and parcel of purchasing a shed. After all, you must ensure the shed ticks all the boxes necessary to serve your needs. Some of the customisation options available include:

Size Customisation –

The most obvious customisation option for garden sheds is the size. Shed buyers can select from the range of pre-design sizes if they find a size that meets their needs. However, they can also order a custom size that suits the available lot while meeting their needs.

Insulation –

Wall and roof insulation is a common feature of working or living sheds. For instance, a home office shed, a garage, a kids’ playroom, or even a lodging shed should be insulated to create a comfortable interior space.

There are various insulation options. However, the most common options are composite panel insulation and non-drip insulation.

Doors And Windows Customisation –

Different shed use cases require different doors and windows. No one type of door or window suits all sheds. Ideally, you want to fit a set of befitting doors and windows, depending on your use case. A shed you use as a garage will need different doors to a shed you use as your home office.

In this example, a garage used strictly to store your car might only need a roller door with no windows. On the other hand, a home office can be designed to infuse an indoor-outdoor atmosphere. To this end, it will have large windows (such as floor-to-ceiling windows) and a secure patio or full glass, half glass, or full panel French door.

Additional Features –

Beyond the basic customisation option, you can add shed features to customise your shed further. Depending on your use case, you can add space heaters, canopies, awnings, tool hooks, workbenches, shelves, and much more.

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