Should I Get Window Shutters in Dublin?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Plantation shutters have become very popular in the last decade, proving that they are a worthy trend, not just a fad. They are excellent choices for maintaining privacy, darkening rooms, lowering summertime heat, and even plain beauty!

They also tend to be dependable, practical, and long-lasting, but let’s be honest, they are generally more expensive than other window treatments. Are shutters in Dublin worth the buy? Continue reading to find out:

What are Window Shutters?

Shutters, window shutters, shutter blinds, or plantation shutters refer to solid stable window covering made of a frame and horizontal louvres. Shutters can be made to overlap an opening or fit exactly within an opening. They can either be interior or exterior and are made of fabric, solid panels, glass or any other material that can be mounted on a frame.

Here are some justifications for choosing plantation shutters:

• Style: they give a clean, uncluttered look

• Non-allergenic

• Strong against wind

• Energy efficiency

• Privacy

• Safe for pets and children

• Simple to use

• Durable

• Increased home value

• Easy to clean

• Versatile

Why Forgo Shutters?

• Limited to a specific type of window structure

• Furniture placement can inhibit their functionality

• Higher price point

• Can’t disappear from sight unlike shades

5 Key Reasons to Install Shutters in your Dublin Home

1). Privacy

Granted, all types of window treatments offer some degree of privacy. When it comes to how successfully they do it though, that varies. Shutters are one of the best choices for privacy and security. But why?

Because the louvres can be adjusted depending on the degree of privacy you need and you could even add locks to boost security. Better yet, shutters also add an acoustic effect and absorb sound, meaning they can muffle sound from loud neighbors and busy streets. You could also install automatic doors in your Dublin home for added security.

2). Energy Efficiency

Shutters tend to be quite sturdy, unlike most light barriers. As such, they keep out extreme heat and cold, which makes them, which implies that you could actually use less air conditioning in the summer and less heat in the winter, depending on the shutters you buy.

Comparatively, this makes shutters worth their initial investment; the energy savings will help recoup the cost of purchase. As such, if Dublin sometimes seems unbearably hot or cold for you and your family, this is a viable choice.

3). Ideal for Windy Areas

Have you ever opened your windows on a sunny day with a breeze only to close them within five minutes? If your answer was affirmative, the wind probably damaged your drapes or blinds or was just unbearable. Well, not anymore.

Plantation shutters have a sturdy construction that helps them withstand the wind. You can enjoy a wonderful wind carrier while maintaining some privacy and enjoying a relaxing breeze, not to mention the clean air.

4). Allergen-Free

Fabric is a notorious dust collector, not to mention mould and other allergens. Instead of choosing curtains, why not opt for shutters in Dublin? They have a solid construction that is easy to clean. The louvres are also easy to dust, making these ones allergen-free. If you have a member of your family who suffers from allergies and occasionally visits, they will appreciate a respite from sneezing as well.

5). Stylish and Beautiful

They aren’t popular for nothing; these are sturdy, timeless, and stylish. They have been around for a couple of decades, and given how long these shutters have lasted, you can expect that they will continue to look fashionable in your home for many years to come.

They are available in a variety of hues and materials. These shutters, as opposed to low-cost paper blinds, are frequently made of premium timber and stained richly. Without a doubt, once you have a set of shutters enclosing your windows, you’ll start to feel like a design pro.

4 Cons of Shutters Explained

1). Limited to a Specific Type of Window Structure

Shutters work well when they flush with the area they are mounted on. Any irregular plastering work or tricky design of windows could inhibit their functionality. Take tilt-in windows, for example, they cannot be used because the window needs to tilt in yet the shutter needs to be flush with the frame. Old cottages with deep-set windows would also inhibit the function of shutters.

2). Furniture Placement Can Inhibit Their Functionality

Shutters might not be your best option if you intend to put a piece of furniture in front of your window. A shutter panel must have at least the panel’s width of unobstructed space in front to hinge open.

3). Higher Price Point

Most people are familiar with this one. They can be very expensive, although not always necessarily the most expensive option in the store. Partly, that’s because of the long lead time and workmanship required to get it right.

Shutters can take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive, whereas the majority of other goods, including blinds and shades, come in about 2-3 weeks! Nevertheless, once you get these ones, you’re nearly double sure that they’ll last for as long as you need them!

4). Can’t Disappear From Sight

Would you like to have a full view of the outdoors to allow a lot of natural light to enter your home? Want to keep the window covering from sight during the day? Unfortunately, these ones do not disappear from sight, they are always visible.

Bottom Line: Are Shutters Worth It?

Yes. They are stylish, energy efficient, easy to clean, and durable. Unfortunately, they are not for everyone. If they serve no practical, or authentic look, they may not be a worthy investment.

They can result in a very bad ‘curb appeal’ if not done right, which means you’ve got to get the right professional to consult and handle the installation. For that, we are here to help.

Shutters are a very practical, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing window and door covering. They are therefore a fantastic option for all sorts of residences. Would you like to turn your home around with shutters?

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