Spring’s Back! 3 Must-Haves for Seniors’ Strolls

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli March 9, 2024
Updated 2024/03/09 at 12:19 PM
Spring's Back! 3 Must-Haves for Seniors' Strolls

How can anyone fully describe the joy and sense of anticipation in the air when spring returns? The world feels brighter, warmer, and more pleasant. The grass turns green again, and variously coloured buds emerge on branches everywhere.

Seniors looking to enjoy the season should embark on some long, lovely strolls. Before heading out, here are three essentials they should keep in mind.

Stay Hydrated

When you feel thirsty, your body is trying to tell you it needs water. In fact, it’s better to drink ample water before thirst sets in. Before going on a long walk, bring a canteen of water, or ensure you can get a drink where you’re heading.

Maybe there’s a café selling tea or a public water fountain somewhere along your path. Drinking fluids is extra important for older adults, as they’re more vulnerable to dehydration, especially those with one or more conditions.

Experts recommend that seniors drink just under 2 litres of fluids daily to stay hydrated. You’ll be healthier and more comfortable if you take a drink on your walk, so don’t forget.

Bring a Friend

A solitary walk benefits your mental and physical health, as it gets your body moving and cleanses the mind. However, there’s nothing like good company on a long, adventurous walk. You can share a laugh, express some deep or simple thoughts, and much more.

Seniors living in leading retirement homes like All Seniors Care won’t have to search far for a like-minded travel companion, as many residents enjoy the benefits of getting some gentle outdoor exercise. Explore the neighbourhood, check out some beautiful nature, go shopping, or whatever else your community provides.

Many retirement homes are located near beautiful nature trails and thriving urban centres, so there should be a walk for everyone. Your community may even have a seniors’ walking group, as it’s a popular pastime.

You may not belong to a walking organization, but if you’re heading out for a nice excursion, consider bringing a friend.

The Right Clothing

Springtime may be a green, blooming season, but in Canada, it can still be cold out. In fact, the weather may change considerably from one day to the next or even hour to hour.

Check the forecast before heading out, and wear the appropriate clothing. You don’t want to get cold mid-journey. Ensure you dress for comfort by wearing clothing that suits the temperature.

If it’s still icy outside, wear winter boots and stick to cleared pathways. If it seems hot and sunny out, you may want to wear layers in case the temperatures dip later. Remember, you can always remove a layer of clothing, but you can’t add one unless you bring it with you.

Spring is a glorious season where the sun shines for longer, the air is warmer, and there’s a sense of rebirth everybody can feel. Simply walking outside is to bask and revel in spring, but seniors should remember the three above essentials before heading outdoors.

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