‘Stranger Things’ Duffer Brothers Found New Production Company

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Netflix and the Duffer Brothers, notably known for creating the hugely popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ have formed a new production company.

The streaming service revealed on Wednesday that Ross and Matt Duffer have a new production company called Upside Down Pictures to create more content for Netflix. Included in the projects is a spin-off of ‘Stranger Things’ as part of the partnership deal.

The deal makes sense for Netflix, as ‘Stranger Things’ is one of the most-watched content in the streaming platform. It recently achieved a billion viewing hours, something that only ‘Squid Game’ has done on the platform. Netflix said in a press release that Matt and Ross are a ‘unique talent’ with a crisp and clear vision, which allows ‘Stranger Things’ to become a pop culture icon.

Upside Down Pictures will be run by Hilary Leavitt, who’s known for her work in ‘Ozark’, ‘The Great’ and ‘Orphan Black’.

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