The Common Challenges Experienced By Nursing Students

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Making time for everything is one of the main challenges nursing students encounter, according to Richardson. There is typically little time for anything else because nursing school is demanding. To overcome this, students should be realistic about what they can achieve while enrolled in such demanding programs. The schedules might become very busy. Once you enroll in nursing school, you must understand that your nursing coursework will take up most of your time. Students must select how they will manage their time and establish clear priorities. If you’re interested in applying for a nursing program, visit Students should be aware that time is not the only challenge; there are other complexities that nursing students face.

Unrealistic Expectations

The problem students have is that they assume they can have it all: succeed in nursing school, lead a fulfilling social life, etc. They won’t make it through nursing school if they enter with that kind of mindset. They will have to give up a lot of that time, but once you get going, it becomes more straightforward. However, it might still be difficult for nursing students to find adequate time. Traditional nursing students still encounter study time, money, and part-time employment issues.

Monetary Resources

Students studying nursing may also face significant financial difficulties. These students may have more financial obligations outside of school. It is more challenging for students to get scholarships, financial aid, and other sources of assistance without incurring additional debt in the current economic context.

Not Enough Time

Numerous scholarships are available for students, in addition to borrowing money to attend nursing school. However, surprisingly few students are applying for them. Many scholarships are available; however, universities don’t receive many applications. The time factor is one of the causes. Many students are unaware of the scholarships’ availability, and those who are aware of them believe they lack the time necessary to complete the applications due to the demanding nature of the nursing school. Students spend so much time studying that many don’t believe they could find the time to complete the application requirements for various scholarships, such as obtaining transcripts, letters of recommendation, and writing personal statement essays.

Parental Support

Some nursing students also do not have healthy family support, in addition to receiving insufficient financial aid. Nursing classes across the country are full of an intergenerational, multicultural collection of students, ranging from millennials to baby boomers. Many students in this non-traditional classroom are parents who frequently lack family members to help them with child care.


Many nursing students initially struggle with soft skills, particularly interpersonal communication abilities. It doesn’t seem very easy to communicate orally and in writing. However, communication is one of the critical aspects of the nursing profession. If students don’t overcome their fear of communication, they might not become good nurses. Moreover, nursing requires leadership qualities, and if a student is already lacking communication skills, the job will become problematic. Fortunately, most nursing courses now also focus on developing communication skills.

The nursing profession is growing, and more people are interested in making it a career choice. However, you must choose a program that suits your needs; otherwise, the coursework can be overwhelming.

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