The Internet Changed Online Gaming — what’s the Next Big Breakthrough?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Of all the hugely important inventions of recent times, it is hard to look past the internet as the most revolutionary. Since it was made available to the public in the 1990s, it has grown to become key to all our lives and how we live. Of course, this is true for our working lives, where online tools, platforms and packages now underpin most businesses.

The internet has also become key in our personal lives, and this is especially true in what we do to stay entertained. One example of this is how popular playing casino games online is now and how well-loved 2023’s top casino gaming sites are. Due to this, there is no doubt about the impact of the internet in online gaming.

Technology is constantly evolving, which means newer developments are fast emerging to push online gaming further forward. But what are the next big steps forward we are starting to see?

VR and AR tech

The most hotly tipped breakthroughs for online gaming currently seem to be VR and AR tech. But what are they about and how might they help iGaming move forward in the future?

VR stands for virtual reality and is something that people in the online casino industry are very excited about. As with VR tech for video games online, it could help make online casino gaming much more immersive and intense. Players would use VR headsets at home to step right inside a virtual online casino and enjoy a more authentic experience. This could attract even more people to iGaming and help it grow even further in time.

AR stands for augmented reality and is similar to VR but subtly different. AR tech involves digital images being overlaid onto the real world and is also something which has been seen in video games before, such as Pokémon Go. Online casino brands hope that by using AR tech to deliver elements of a real casino to your home digitally, they can bring a new dimension to iGaming. This could spark even more interest in it and move the industry forward.

The metaverse

One real buzz word around online gaming circles currently is the metaverse. The metaverse aims to blend together elements of traditional online casino play with cutting-edge online connectivity. When gaming in this space, you would play at specially designed sites that would offer a next-level experience to players.

One of the major reasons this could be a major move ahead for iGaming is the social aspect gaming via the metaverse should offer. This would enable you to not only move through special VR-enabled gaming sites physically but also interact with other players you meet. Just as live casino play helped bridge the gap to offline casino gaming, playing in this manner would more accurately recreate the real-world casino atmosphere at home.


Anyone who plays casino games online knows that safe and secure banking options are a must. One recent breakthrough which could take this to the next level for the industry is cryptocurrency.

We are already starting to see more and more online gaming sites carry popular examples such as Bitcoin as payment options. The sector is also starting to welcome more dedicated crypto casino sites, which enable people to game with digital cash. The demand for crypto gaming is likely to increase in the future as players value the fast payouts, low fees and enhanced security and privacy it offers.

AI in Online Gaming

Next to the internet or using handsets such as the Rog Phone 6 Pro to play via mobile, artificial intelligence (AI) is something we are all familiar with. In the near future, we could see more and more in online gambling. This is because the top brands in the sector are starting to unlock its full potential and incorporate it into what they do.

But how are we starting see AI in the sector and why is it a positive development overall? The truth is that this breakthrough in tech terms can not only boost the overall user experience for casino players but also enhance the quality of customer support.

The latest AI tech has also been incorporated into standard online games with CPU dealers and players in a bid to improve them. Additionally, iGaming is currently using AI to offer a more customized experience to users and to help prevent and detect fraud.

All of this is a big plus because it makes online casinos safer, more fun to use and delivers a more personal experience. As we continue through 2023 and beyond, expect this breakthrough to become more central within the global online gaming scene.

Major Developments in Online Gaming point the way Forward

There is no doubting the impact which the internet has had for online gaming in general and in particular for online casino play. It would simply not exist as a niche within entertainment without the internet powering it along. Although this makes online connectivity just as crucial for online play as ever, other breakthroughs we are starting to see will also prove pivotal to the industry’s future. It seems fairly certain that the examples shown above are vital with this in mind.

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