The Most Common Types Of Cyber Attack To Be Aware Of

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Cybercrime is rife in 2023 and businesses need to make sure that they are doing all that they can to protect themselves. Knowledge is key when it comes to cybercrime, so it is important to learn about what some of the most common attacks are and how you can protect your business. This is also information that needs to be passed on to your team and they should be trained in safe practices to ensure that they can work safely, especially if they are working remotely. So, what are some of the most common cyber attacks to be aware of in 2023?


One of the most common forms of cyber attack, and one that most people will have encountered at least a few times, is phishing. Essentially, this involves a malicious actor posing as a reputable company asking for the user to share valuable information. The most common form of this is via email, but there are other forms too. These scams are becoming harder to detect, but you can learn how to spot a phishing attack with security awareness training. You should also have high-quality antivirus software installed as these attacks often install malicious software.


Malware attacks come in many forms and can cause all kinds of damage. Generally, malware involves installing malicious software onto a device that can then steal or damage data and even spy on you. There are numerous ways to protect your business against malware attacks, icing using anti-malware software, keeping software patches up to date, and using a strong password policy.


Ransomware is a form of malware, but one that requires its own section as it is so prevalent and can be so dangerous. As the name implies, this involves taking sensitive information for ransom and then refusing to return the data until the user complies with the criminal’s demands (usually transferring money). Of course, there is no guarantee that the criminal will return the data even if the demands are met, so you should never comply. In addition to having anti-malware, you should back up sensitive data so that you always have another version available.

DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack involves an attacker flooding a server with extraordinarily high levels of traffic in a bid to take down the server and cause disruption. A firewall is important for preventing these attacks but you can also protect yourself by putting servers in different data centers so that you can simply switch if you are ever under attack.

Using Network Security For Protection

The above are just a few of the main types of attacks, but there are many more. This can make it hard to protect your business, which is why you want to find a solution that can provide complete protection. Network security solutions for your business can protect your data and business by providing various different solutions. This can include antivirus software, application security, network analytics, VPN encryption, and firewalls. You will want to get your network security solution from an industry leader so that you know that you are getting the best products.

Hopefully, this post will be useful and help you to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity so that you can protect your business.

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