The Value of a Divorce Litigation Lawyer

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Few things in life are as difficult as the dissolution of a family. Divorces can be amicable or bitter, but either way, they represent an irreparable break in the family unit. It’s natural for anybody going through a divorce to feel a little lost at sea, as they’re starting out on a road without the people they thought would be their life mates.

Of all the times to feel alone, it’s extra hard for those going through a divorce because they must settle on financial and lifestyle commitments they’ll live with years from now. Many find value in finding a divorce litigation lawyer with a holistic, collaborative approach.

Holistic Lawyers Understand All Needs

Leading divorce litigation lawyers with a holistic approach, like Tailor Law lawyers, have a comprehensive view of their clients’ needs and cater to all of them. Naturally, they want to look after their client’s financial needs, ensuring things like alimony and child support are favourable. But that’s not the most important thing.

Holistic lawyers understand that every parent values their children’s well-being above all and that the best result necessarily includes what’s best for the children. Collaborative divorce litigation lawyers prioritize their clients by ensuring their children have stability and predictability after the divorce.

Where Does Collaboration Make Sense?

Hollywood movies have a way of making divorce seem combative and ferocious. In real life, this can happen. But when it does, usually, everybody loses.

Collaborative lawyers understand when to fight for their clients, but also grasp when giving something away makes them better off. For example, some parents have unique strengths or talents that their children love. It would be wrong for the divorce to put this at an end.

That’s why collaborative lawyers will insist that their client’s spouse continue this bond, even if it cuts into their client’s time with their children. Parents naturally have very strong feelings in a divorce, but collaborative lawyers keep them on track so they don’t get caught up in negative emotions and remember that their children’s welfare matters above all else.

Experience, Perspective, and Toughness

Divorce can be a lonely time, so having somebody in your corner who understands what you’re going through is essential. Collaborative divorce lawyers will always have your back, and their perspective is invaluable because they have seen and been through it all.

They know what is and isn’t worth fighting for, and when a fight is in order, even the most collaborative lawyer can pivot and advocate toughly for their clients. After all, they can’t control how the other side will respond to their genuine attempts at building bridges in the divorce’s early stages.

If these overtures are rejected, holistic, collaborative divorce litigators will adopt tactics accordingly. Having experienced, assured help in this challenging time will really help while you find your footing.

The most amicable divorce can still be a grind. Something you thought you could depend on for the rest of your life is suddenly gone, and adjusting to that is never easy, even when divorce is the right thing for everybody. However, if you get a divorce litigator that touches on all the above points, you’ll understand they’re invaluable.

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