These Are the Five Best Gifts for the Travel Lovers in Your Life

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your favorite jet-setter? You’re in luck because we’ve compiled some of the best options for making their trips more convenient and celebrating their love for travel.

Luggage Storage

It may not sound like the most glamorous of gifts, but booking your loved one a destination to store their luggage can take a weight off their shoulders (literally and metaphorically). The list of affordable storage locations in major cities and popular travel sites grows. Since there’s often a gap between a traveler’s arrival and check-in time at an Airbnb or hotel, providing convenient storage is an excellent gift. For example, you can easily reserve bag storage in Milan so your loved one can explore the city without dragging their heavy suitcases behind them.

Gifts to Improve the Journey

Your friend may love to visit new places, but they likely don’t adore every aspect of getting to them. You can help make red-eye flights and bus rides smoother and more enjoyable.

Maybe your gift is entertainment. You can give your friend a Kindle or similar tablet so they can enjoy their favorite books without taking up too much space in their carry-on. As a more affordable alternative, you can buy them a gift card or order digital books on Amazon. If your loved one is into videos and music, you might gift them wireless headphones or earbuds to help them consume downloaded movies and songs from a plane, train, hotel, or cafe.

Sometimes the main nuisance on a trip is not boredom but physical discomfort. Let’s face it: Unless your friend is flying first class or has an entire sleeper car to themselves, long journeys are far from a pampering experience. Thankfully, plenty of portable gifts can help them rest and stay warm. Neck pillows, slippers, blankets, and socks might seem simple, but they can make all the difference.

Gifts to Help Them On-the-Go

A travel lover’s best friend is a handy daypack or backpack. Whether they’re backpacking through Europe or staying at a private villa in Bali, they can benefit from convenient bags with several compartments and adjustable straps. You can choose the perfect bag based on their style preferences and travel needs. For example: Are they going to be repelling down waterfalls? Maybe you can get them a waterproof backpack. You can also give them toiletry bags and packing cubes that improve luggage organization.

Buying your friend a reusable water bottle will ensure that they stay on top of hydration even as they tour museums in Milan or snorkel in the Maldives. It also reduces waste. You can opt for a collapsable water bottle to make them more convenient to store.

Water may not be the only beverage on your friend’s mind. You can give your vagabonding coffee lover the morning Joe they need with a travel mug and portable French press. Many companies sell titanium or otherwise heat-safe and “damage-proof” coffee gear that is perfect for your friends as they set up camp or hop from city to city.

Gifts to Make Their Stay Safer

Sleeping pads are a must for your travel friends that like to “rough it.” They’re compact enough to fit on or in a backpack and can mean the difference between restlessness and a great night of sleep. Sleeping bags provide essential warmth to travelers staying outdoors and peace of mind for folks who don’t entirely trust the hostel sheets.

Help your friends stay connected with portable phone chargers and plug adapters. Whether they’re using their devices for directions or staying in touch, they don’t want to be stuck in a new location with a dead phone.

Unless they’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, chances are that your friend will be hitting up famous landmarks, quaint cafes, and public transportation. Travel involves movement. However your friend is getting from place to place, you can make the journey more comfortable with supportive shoes and sole inserts. Unsure of what style to select? Slip-on sneakers are a popular option. They’re simple to take off at security checks. They go with multiple outfits and last for miles.

If your friend’s idea of the perfect trip involves tents and sleeping under the stars, water purifiers and portable cooking gear can be lifesavers. They provide peace of mind to travelers and their loved ones.

Gifts to Celebrate Their Love of Travel

The greatest gifts are the most personal. Show your loved ones how well you know them and their jet-setting ways with journals and travel books. These gifts can inspire travel lovers and help them document memories and reflect on their experiences.

For a gift that’s a little out of the box, you might consider buying your loved one a spice subscription. They will receive a regular supply of spices from around the world, bringing the excitement of travel to their doorstep.


Wherever your loved one is off to next, you can support them and their adventures through gift-giving. You can choose something small yet practical, like a passport holder, or go big and buy them a popular tour at their destination. Whatever you decide, your gift will foster their love for travel.

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