Things You Need to Play Madden NFL

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

The biggest name in NFL gaming has to be Madden which has around 40 editions and can even be compared to the largest games in the world. The downside might be that there aren’t enough players to be among the best games but for NFL fans, it is still the number one.

If you hadn’t tried it before and only focused on the NFL odds during the weekly games, you’ll need a few things depending on your gaming style. The game can be played on PC and console so you can decide yourself where to play but the price will be a bit cheaper for the PC version.

If you own a PS5 or Xbox, you can order the latest expansion that hasn’t come out yet for $70 and a PC version for $60. Owning a PS4 or Xbox one, you will have an option where for $10 you can upgrade the version you have to a new one.

Madden Game Requirements

It can be played on all consoles so there won’t be any requirements for that option but you will need to have an average PC if you want to play on it. The processor doesn’t have to be a great one because the game won’t rely on it so even Athlon X4 880K will get the job done. The main thing to have will be the graphics card, at least GTX 660 or better if you want to run the game on the best settings.

These are minimal requirements so it would be great if you had a better graphics card and 8GB of RAM at least. You can download it on Steam and you will need around 50GB of storage. An average gaming PC can handle it pretty well on the best settings so if you have one you shouldn’t worry at all.

Mechanical Keyboard

One of the essential gadgets that you should have is a mechanical keyboard which isn’t one of the cheap ones that you can buy. They usually cost around $150 and more depending on the model but that is for a reason. They have different types of keys which can be louder and react quicker to your typing.

It might not help you choose the right Vegas NFL odds but it is very appealing to have one because of the RGB lighting and keys that give you feedback when you press it. This is useful for any type of game that you want to play and every professional gamer is using a mechanical keyboard because of its efficiency.

Gaming Headphones

Gaming headphones are larger than the ones you use for your phone and probably won’t be bluetooth because the sound quality is better with a cord. There are different types of gaming headphones but high-quality ones will cost from $100 up to $500. It’s quite useful for Madden NFL because you can hear amazing commentary from real commentators from the NFL.

They might not be optimal if you want to use them for other purposes like listening to music on your phone when you are out but at least you can enjoy gaming at home. Some of the brands that have great quality headphones include Sony, JBL, Beats, Panasonic, etc.

Future of Madden

If you tried betting on NFL lines in virtual reality, you might be able to play the game in the future. There is some news about Madden making an expansion that is going to be played in virtual reality. There are headsets that cost around $500 but they are older models with old features that can get the job done.

On the other hand, there are new models made in 2022 that cost around $1200 to $1500 but they are much better when it comes to sound and sensors. The biggest difference is in the joysticks that you use for hand movement. It will be very interesting to see what Madden will look like in VR especially when you play as a QB.

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