Top Rated Irish and UK Custom Packaging Suppliers

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

The rise of eCommerce and the increasing number of options for home delivery, as well as the slow but steady reduction of the challenges facing the logistics and retail industry, means that global demand for custom packaging has skyrocketed. Also fueling this demand is the fact that the global business environment has become hyper-competitive. Custom packaging offers an excellent opportunity to position the company brand in a positive light, encourage recognition and build customer loyalty.

It will come as no surprise to both consumers and those who do business in Ireland and the U.K. that the demand for custom packaging solutions by businesses in the region mirrors the upward global trend.

However, companies in search of a custom packaging supplier in the U.K. or in Ireland are faced with a dilemma. Ever increasing demand for custom packaging means that competition is cutthroat – and there are many suppliers that may not live up to the proses that are made by their sales staff.

Choosing the right custom packing supplier can be a decision that has far-reaching consequences. Packaging must be designed to the highest standards and designed to meet the requirements of both the business that makes use of the packaging and by extension the consumer or business client. Mistakes when it comes to packaging can have a significant negative effect on the bottom line of the business, can expose that business to potential legal action, and will undoubtedly damage the reputation of the business using substandard custom packaging.

For those in search of innovative and professional custom packaging suppliers that will deliver on time, every time – at the right price, the companies ranked below will not disappoint.

1. The NPP Group

Established in 1984, the NPP Group has established a well-deserved reputation for providing innovative custom flexible packaging to market-leading companies in a variety of industrial and commercial sectors. It provides packaging to organizations active in the food and beverage industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, industrial operations, and others.

The sheer variety of flexible custom packaging solutions that are offered by NPP is one of the reasons that the company has built a varied client base. The company offers quality packaging including corrugated packaging, packaging film, paper packaging, transport packaging, FIBC’s, and a line of increasingly popular eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. It is also able to provide companies with bespoke packaging solutions that suit the unique requirements of their business.

Converted Packaging.

The NPP Group is also able to supply equipment developed for efficient and cost-effective bulk and small-batch sealing, and shrink-wrapping. NPP also has mechanical solutions for pallet wrapping and a variety of other products such as case wrapping and palletizing systems.

NPP is an organization that lives its mission of providing quality products and service that exceeds customer expectations. Those who wish to find out more about the NPP Group in the U.K should click here –, while further information on Irish activities, services, and products is available here

2. Alliance Packaging

Alliance packaging is another company that has built an exceptional reputation for providing friendly, efficient service and world-class flexible custom packaging solutions. This family-run business has been around since 1980 – and its longevity in an extremely competitive industry is a testament to its focus on exceptional levels of customer service.

Alliance boasts a wide range of custom, flexible packaging solutions. These include food and beverage containers and packaging for the hospitality industry, industrial and pharmaceutical packaging, grocery shopping bags (and other branded packaging suitable for marketing purposes). Alliance also has a wide range of complimentary products such as branded tape, satin ribbon suitable for branding, and custom-made gift voucher boxes.

The breadth and variety of the products offered by Alliance make the company an attractive option for sales and marketing companies, as well as leading brands in the industrial, retail, and commercial sectors. However, it is the attitude towards the customer that is one of the reasons that they have not only an extensive pan-European client base but also clients that remain loyal after a number of years.

3. Qualpack Ltd

Qualpack is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of custom packaging to customers across Europe, including many market leaders in Ireland. The company not only boasts an extensive range of flexible packaging solutions but is also able to offer customers a variety of machinery related to the packaging solutions such as shrink wrapping.

It is particularly well-known in Ireland as the country’s largest manufacturer and supplier of various types of bubble wrap such as large and small bubble varieties, heavy-duty Bubble Wraps, as well as Bubble Bags, and Anti-Static Bubble Wrap. It is also Ireland’s sole producer of single-face corrugated paper.

Completing the product range available from Qualpack are various other types of packaging such as rigid packaging, flexible packaging, FIBC’s, film and woven bags, protective film, tapes and strapping, as well as cardboard packaging. The company also boasts the capacity to design and produce various bespoke flexible custom packaging solutions for clients in a variety of industries.

These industries include food and beverage, agriculture, the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, engineering companies, organisation active in horticulture, retail, furniture manufacturing, and many more.

Qualpack is another Irish custom packaging provider that has built an enviable reputation built not only on the strength of being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those in search of high-quality packaging solutions but also due to their commitment to exceptional levels of customer service.

The key to finding a manufacturer of world-class custom packaging is research. That research should not only be limited to company websites. Personal recommendations count. Use industry events such as trade shows to gather information on the best custom packaging suppliers in Ireland and the U.K. Those candid recommendations will be invaluable in making the right choice of supplier.

In this increasingly competitive global business environment, only those companies that are able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions will prosper. Trends and legislation governing packaging are ever evolving and consumer demand and preferences can be fickle. make sure that your organisation makes the right choice of packaging partner.

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