What to Expect when Choosing Pest Control in Orange County?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

It is not unusual to find rodents, insects, and critters in Orange County. However, finding pests inside your home or property can be a creepy experience. Let’s clear a primary fact – Pests just don’t disappear on their own. Even if the signs of infestation have subsided, the problem may continue to thrive. You need a professional team to address the concern. Here’s what you can expect if you are hiring pest control in Orange County.

A preliminary inspection

Are you dealing with termites or bed bugs? If you don’t have stagnant water on your property, where are the mosquitos coming from? Do you have rodents thriving in the attic or basement? Unless the pest control experts check the situation, they are unlikely to have a clear idea of the extent of the infestation. You can expect professional services to send someone for a preliminary inspection.

A detailed estimate

The pest control company should give you an estimate based on the inspection. The assessment should clearly outline the number of treatments required, what’s included in the price and whether they offer a guarantee on the job. Make sure there is no room for unwanted add-ons or hidden charges.

Assurance of the work

What if pests are seen again on your property within a week? If the pest control workers did the work right, this should not happen. Depending on the job, you should get a warranty on the job. In case the problem resurfaces, you shouldn’t have to pay again.

Green solutions

We all know that pest control involves using synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides, many of which are harmful to the environment. Ensure you ask the company about its products, techniques, and methods. If a company takes steps to mitigate the risks, they are certainly better than regular exterminators.

Preventive plans

Ideally, you should spend on preventive pest control to avoid infestations. Many local companies in OC have annual contracts, which are affordable. If you sign up for a plan, the service will send experts periodically to check your property and use necessary products to prevent pests. This is always a more affordable option compared to what you would pay for extensive remediation.

Finally, you can expect clear communication from the pest control company. If you called their hotline number and got no response within 24 hours, do not wait. Instead, look for a service that will handle your concerns on priority.

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