Which Is Better: League of Legends or Wild Rift?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

We know they are entirely similar games that are just played on different platforms, but we still want to know what people prefer more from the two since the release of Wild Rift last October 2020.

What exactly distinguishes Wild Rift from League of Legends? The mobile MOBA, however, “feels so fresh,” according to a Reddit post. People acknowledge that the game is more casual than League of Legends, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s more enjoyable, especially since a lack of concentration doesn’t automatically result in defeat, whereas in the original game “if you’re not 100% focused you can easily lose matches.”

What is new in Wild Rift?

The new ward zones and healing plants distributed over the map, as well as the removal of the inhibitors and towers surrounding each Nexus, make games frantic and reduce some of the back-and-fourths that sometimes result in one side gaining an insurmountable advantage.

Wild Rift modifications result in matches lasting 15-20 minutes as opposed to 25–30. Short League games are incomparably superior, as they can never be exaggerated and may sometime seem boring. While it’s possible that shorter games make each play and death more significant. This makes rounds more exciting and eliminates the possibility of one side dominating the other for 20 minutes. 

It is also easier to target your enemies as a new enemy lock feature in Wild Rift automatically locks an enemy champion player’s attack, making pulling off fancy plays and hitting skill shots much simpler.

What makes League of Legends still a better choice than Wild Rift?

The immense freedom in Champion selection in Summoner’s Rift is one reason League of Legends players adore it. The extensive toolkits of Champions themselves can make no two matches the same just by team compositions, aside from extra customization via Runes and Items. Players in Wild Rift, however, only have access to a little over 60 Champions. Players who don’t have their “mains” on the first roster will have to wait to receive their Wild Rift 

However, Wild Rift may be a better and much more friendly game – there are certain limits that League players don’t experience when using a PC. It’s simple to become lost in the action because of the screen’s dense layout of skills, spells, pings, the map, and other controls. The only way to move around the map is by touching a general area and then dragging your finger around to look for enemies. Never will Wild Rift be able to match the accuracy and speed of mouse and keyboard play.

League of Legends will still capture the heart of its OG players, pros, and lol boosters, just because it will provide them with the utmost satisfaction and, of course, comfort when playing the game. The keyboard and mouse tandem will always be nostalgic to play in and will always provide unique energy to gamers. 

Wild Rift is a perfect game for those who want to begin their journey with MOBA games. It still does not have a strongly built community, hence why it is not as pressuring as League of Legends. It is beginner friendly and is also friendly to those who do not have a PC setup or a laptop with amazing specifications to join the League hype.

Although it could be convenient to think of Wild Rift as a condensed form of League, almost all the game’s tuning, redesigns, and quality-of-life upgrades have only improved Wild Rift. I believe that Riot’s Wild Rift would be a much better, happier, and more accessible replacement for League on the PC.

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