4 Essential Daily Tech We Can’t Live Without

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Technology has gone a long way since a decade or two ago- now, we find it difficult, if not impossible, to do our daily tasks without them. If you’d look around homes and streets, you’ll find these four technologies, including poker, that people use regularly for health, entertainment, work, and play.

World Wide Web

The internet is where we socialize with friends and connections, browse for information, and shop for the things we need, among others. Apps on mobile phones rely on internet connectivity, and online games do the same for network and chatting with other users halfway around the globe. It’s safe to say that the world wide web serves as the backbone or infrastructure to other connected devices.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones, or smartphones, have evolved from simple communication devices to all-in-one machines. If your day revolves around remote work, searching for information, or navigating roads and highways, then you can’t be without one. The introduction of apps have only increased our reliance to this technology. Device improvements on the mobile industry will take things a step further and allow us to do things we’ve never done before

Wi-Fi Network

Modems and routers are the gateways to connect our devices to the world wide web, which means they’re just as important as any technology listied in this article. Home networks are much more stable compared to mobile networks, but this gap will be bridged soon.

Cooling and Heating

Cooling and heating technologies come in many forms, from simple devices such as electric fans and heaters to complex machines like HVACs and duct networks. These devices have seen improvements in the later years, like the addition of the Internet of Things and energy-saving features that consume less electricity while keeping the occupants comfortable.

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