4 Tech Tips to Explore the Neighborhood After Moving

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Are you keen to explore your new surroundings after moving to a new place? Simply heading out and going in a random direction will get you nowhere- it’s easier to use technology and heed these four tips to see the sights and sounds more efficiently.

Get a Map-Style View

After settling into your Lentor Mansion and completing all the necessary stuff, it’s time to enjoy what your new location has to offer. Start by looking at the maps app on your smartphone- it’s Apple Maps if you have an iPhone and Google Maps if you have an Android phone. This gives you a satellite view of your immediate surroundings and places of interest.

Start with Nearer Landmarks

Once you have your maps app open, look around from your point of origin or location and slowly branch outward. Is there a restaurant, park, or shopping mall just five minutes away? If not, then go ahead and look further out to find places you can visit or dine in. Doing this can save you time and the effort of having to walk more than you should.

Create a Short List

Call it a mini itinerary if you will, but write down the places you’d like to visit as you explore the map and nearby surroundings. If there’s so much to see, then you can spread it out on several days or weekends. Is going to a park more important than visiting a museum, or trying the local scene? Write it down on a note-taking app as well.

Consider Online Reviews

Online reviews will more or less tell you if a landmark is worth your time. A place that has more positive reviews is a good indication that you’ll have a pleasant time. Remove the ones on your list with negative reviews.

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