5 Money-Saving Tips When Moving to a New House

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Moving to a new house usually equates to extra expenses down the line. However, you won’t need to burn through your savings just to move from one house to another. Here are five sensible money tips you can save for a rainy day.

Reuse the Boxes

Go through your storage and find boxes that could fit your things. Instead of going straight to a general improvement store or hardware shop, you can reuse large boxes that are structurally sound. The same goes for large bags that can hold clothing.

Search for Great Moving Service Deals Online

You can usually save a significant amount of money by wisely choosing your moving service. Movers advertise their services online, so you can start by doing a search and coming up with a list of businesses near you. Compare the rates and features, and see if they have special promotions or discounts at the time of move.

Eat at Home

It’s easy to just eat out or order some food when you’re busy packing your things into boxes. You can save a huge amount by sticking to home-cooked food. Save yourself the trouble and opt for simple yet satisfying dishes for a few days before and after you’ve moved to the Meyer Blue condo.

Sell Unwanted Items

Save money by making money on the side with the things you won’t need. The quickest way is to sell them at an online marketplace. Take a clear picture and put in a helpful description for the buyer, then post it on social media and marketplaces.

Consider a U-Hauler

If you don’t have that many possessions then you may want to consider a U-haul, which attaches to your car. Having a mini-trailer can save you money on moving services and similar expenses.

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