5 Moving Games to Ready Yourself for a Condo Move

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Simulation games are great practice for real-life applications, such as moving to your new Parktown Residences condo. First-time movers and homeowners will want to try these five moving games to get an idea of how it would be when the time comes along.

Moving Out

Moving Out! is a less serious take on the whole ‘move the furniture’ process. You basically move a number of things, including the bed, fridge, stove, and table out of a narrow house and onto a truck. To make things interesting, there’s a timer and a score at the end of the move. There’s also a co-op mode so you can play with another person locally.


If you like a slower-paced moving game then Unpacking is a worthy try. You can unpack the boxes at your own time and place them in a room. You have the freedom to put the unpacked items anywhere you want, such as a table, bed, or floor.

Moving Simulator

There are a lot of moving simulator games on the mobile and tablet- chances are that there’s a free game you’d like on the Play Store or App Store. They operate on the same premise, which is the process of unpacking items and putting them in your new house.

Powerwash Simulator

It’s not a strict moving game per se, but Powerwash Simulator is a must-try if you like to experience what it is in a safe and controlled environment. Remove dust, grime, and soot from a variety of house items, such as an automobile, windows, and stuff. It’s a great time waster for a lot of people.


Roblox is a game platform where you can try a number of different games. The pixel art-style may put off some people, but there are some fun moving games you can play.

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