5 Online Activities to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

We all will, at one point in time, be stuck inside our homes for a good number of hours. Whether it be torrential rain, a passing heat wave, or simply choosing not to go outside, here are five online activities to pass the time.

Play a New Game

Choosing to play a new game over one that you’re used to can provide several benefits. New neural brain pathways will be formed as you learn and enjoy the game. It’s so much more exciting to play a game you haven’t played before, and your brain and hand-eye coordination will get a nice workout.

Browse Through Your ‘To Watch’ Videos

Downtime at your Marina View Residences condo can be fun and a way to catch up on your ‘to watch’ list. Open the streaming service on a smart TV or tablet and browse through selections. You can also use this time to remove videos that you don’t like anymore to trim your list.

Catch Up with a Friend

Who says being stuck at home means you can’t connect with someone? Thanks to technology, you can call or chat and catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Career-wise, you can also network with professionals and get to know them better.

Listen to Music

Music is a good, stress-free way to relax. Simply plug in your earbuds, headphones, or Bluetooth speaker and have your favorite beverage on hand.

Learn a New Skill

If you want to be productive and expand your mind while at your Marina View Residences home then you can look for a new skill you can learn. There are thousands of courses and even more articles that can teach you new things, such as DIY woodworking, digital arts, or creating a website, just to name a few.

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