6 Innovative Ways to Reward High-Performing Teams

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Yay! You have a team of people who are excited about their work and the company you work for. You’ve got a great leader, and everything is going smoothly. However, if you want to take your team to the next level and create an environment that fosters achievement, it’s time to start thinking about how best to reward it.

Many companies, particularly startups, have problems holding employees accountable for their goals. However, if you approach your team intending to maximize output, your employees might be motivated to meet their goals at all costs.

Innovative Ways to Reward your Team

Paying more money doesn’t always motivate employees. Nor does giving them stock options or keeping their salaries at current levels while they get promoted. Also, it can be challenging to keep employee records up to date with their latest achievements. Find an employee benefits software package to stay current. Here are the innovative tips you can try:

1) Increase their Holiday Allowance

Remember the days of school when you would put in a month’s worth of effort to score high on one exam, hoping that your hard work would be rewarded with an extra $50 in your allowance? This concept can be applied in the workplace. Your employees may push themselves harder to achieve their yearly goals if they know they will get additional holiday allowance.

2) Guarantee them a raise after a certain amount of time

As mentioned earlier, to maximize output, you might want to hold regular checkups and ensure your employees are working as hard as possible. One way to encourage good performance is to guarantee your employees a raise after working for a set amount of time, provided they meet their yearly goals.

3) Offer Free Training for Courses that Will Benefit the Company

When you want to increase your team’s performance, it’s only natural that you encourage them to develop new skills. Offer to pay for courses like management or leadership, allowing them to improve their management style and take on higher responsibilities after finishing their course.

4) Create Social Gathering Events

When motivating your employees, you should consider providing them with opportunities to mingle and bond. Create events that unite all your teams, such as an annual birthday party or end-of-year Christmas party.

5) Organize a Relaxing Day Out

If you want your employees to work hard, they needn’t be exhausted when they get home. Organize an annual company event on the weekend so everyone can relax and bond before returning to work on Monday.

6) Host Charity Events as Part of Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Even companies known for producing innovative products might have difficulty motivating their team if the rest of their corporate image is not very well-received. One way to improve your image and increase employee motivation is to set up a Corporate Social Responsibility program and host charity events. Your employees will be more than happy to donate their time, provided they are allowed to feel good about what they are doing.

Creating a team that produces its best results is a challenge. However, good leaders know how to push the right buttons and achieve the desired outcomes. In addition, using innovative ways to reward your team will help motivate your employees and achieve greater results in the future.

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