6 Ways SEO Services Can Make a Big Difference

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

As a business owner, I’m pretty sure you’ve had some best-sellers and some products that are not performing well. So, how do you get your other items noticed as much as your best sellers? You create deals and promotions—buy one get one free, discounts, or bundle deals. You just have to think of even the craziest ideas to try and make your other products noticeable. So, if you want to get seen in the vast world of the internet, you have to stand out. It is not enough that you have a website, it has to make Google excited to feature it on the top of their charts. And how do you do it? Try SEO services—Search Engine Optimisation.

So, what can SEO do to your website? There are a lot, actually. The first is to make you pop out among your competitors. You know when you’re in a pageant and your makeup artist gives you a makeover or retouches your makeup to give it some pizzazz? It’s like giving you a nudge so that when the judges have a glimpse of you, they simply can’t take their eyes off you.

The second is for your business to grow. Come on, who doesn’t want growth? Even a pre-schooler dreams of becoming a doctor, teacher, engineer or president of the country in the future. And for a business that has been thriving, it sure is wanting of growth as well. The last is getting ahead of the game. Whether you like it or not, being in a business is a constant battle of wits. You always have to outsmart your competitors. Just like when you were in grade school, and if you’re vying for honours, you have to study or train hard so you would be on top of your class. Similarly, a good SEO strategy can help you land a top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs).

But are these achievable? But, of course. With the help of SEO services, you can be sure to make a massive difference for your business. Below are 6 ways to do it.

         1. Discovering Perth’s Buzz with Keywords:

Hmmm… You know how teachers call your name in school to check if you’re present in class? Or calling you by name to recite? Think of using your name as a keyword so your teacher can search for you wherever you’re seated in the classroom. So when you’re searching for something on the internet, all you need to do is type in the word or set of weeds that best describe what you are looking for. These word phrases are known as keywords. For instance, you broke your tooth after using it to open a bottle of soda, but you don’t know any emergency dentist, so you search up the internet to find one. To do that, you can use “emergency dentist near me” or use the name of your location, say you live in Fremantle, then you can use “emergency dentist Fremantle.”

Essentially, it’s all about keywords—those little search terms that make the internet go around. Our SEO whizzes will help uncover the secret code of words and phrases your potential customers are typing into Google. We want your business to be the first thing they see when they hit that search button!

         2. Jazzing Up Your Online Space with On-Page SEO:

When you make fliers for your cafe to promote a new drink or perhaps offer discounts, vouchers and other deals, you design the flier with the name of your cafe, a catchy tagline, inviting content, and a brief but sweet description. You can design the flier with a layout of the cafe name and if there are festivities that coincide with your promotion. For the tagline, you can probably use “Cherish Your Coffee Moments,” “Experience the Aroma,” or “Brewing Your Espresso Escape.” Since you are making a flier, make sure to make the content short and it should not take up too much space. Lastly, it helps to add a quick description to your new concoction so customers know what to expect—and, of course, get them excited.

Just like how you would create the perfect layout for the flier, your website should also have similar features—Fancy meta tags, catchy headlines, and content that’s as engaging as a summer blockbuster. Picture your website as your digital storefront. Sprinkle some magic on it with on-page SEO tricks. It’s all about making your online space pretty and easy for search engines to understand. After all, we want to be on the top shelf!

         3. Linking Up for Online Street Cred:

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “word-of-mouth.” Well, you can say that this is the traditional way of building your “fanbase.” In the old days, when you started a venture, you managed it by letting your family and friends first try out the product or service. Then, these family and friends of yours tend to share their wonderful experience with their circle of friends and acquaintances until your customers grow simply by what they hear from your family and friends. The links that your family and friends made become new businesses for you—and, naturally, more revenue. However, you should also remember that your family and friends are credible sources of “links.”

Imagine links as little nods of approval from other cool kids on the internet. SEO experts build those connections, getting other reputable websites to give your business a virtual high-five. It’s like building a network of buddies who vouch for your awesomeness, helping your business climb up the online coolness ladder!

         4. Sharing Stories with Content Marketing:

Once upon a time, there lived a lonely king… Wait! That’s not the kind of story we want for your website. Although, they say that content is king. I also know that everyone loves a good story. However, content marketing should convey a sense of warmth that welcomes every reader, user or customer. It’s like when you start reading a novel and you get hooked—like you won’t stop until you finish it. You want your users to browse through your site and leave only after they’ve ordered something or availed of a service.

This SEO service can help tell your business tale in a way that captivates your audience. Blog posts, articles, and maybe even a quirky video or two—it’s all about sharing valuable info, showing off your expertise, and connecting with your audience on a whole new level.

         5. Navigating Perth’s Neighborhood with Local SEO:

In the link-building service, I discussed earlier how you can start a venture through family and close friends. It works the same for local SEO. It is always a good idea to start within your locality before expanding throughout the nation and, eventually, the world. So, if you live in Perth and you want to venture into health and beauty products, make Perth your playground and let your business be the talk of the town. Once you’ve established your health and beauty shop in your location, expand to one nearby locality at a time until the time is right for you to conquer the world.

Local SEO is like a treasure map that guides customers straight to your door. This SEO strategy ensures your business pops up when locals are hunting for products or services in our fabulous city. Just like when you use keywords that include your location or the words “near me,” which signals search engines that it’s local SEO.

         6. Smooth Sailing with Technical SEO:

Do you believe that if content is king, then page speed must be queen? If you don’t, let me ask you: does it not bother you when a website you’re so eager to check out takes forever to load? Be honest, not fun, right? Think of it this way: you went for a drive-thru to get lunch immediately since you have a full-packed schedule—meetings left and right and deadlines at the end of the day. But it took them 15 minutes to prepare your order. Are you not frustrated at all? Well, I would be, after all, it’s the main reason why you went for a drive-thru—to save time.

Technical SEO is like your personal IT crew making sure your website is as fast and friendly as your favourite fast food drive-thru. We want your customers to have a smooth digital journey, whether they’re on a computer or tapping away on their phones.

Elevating Your Business with SEO Magic

These are just 6 of the many SEO services that can help your business draw not just the attention of your readers and customers but of search engines as well. So, you should be picturing the entire picture, not just a part of it—your audience, website performance, return on investment (ROI) and search engines. It’s like looking at a treasure map, before you reach your end goal, you have a long path to undertake and these are your SEO services.

From the strategic use of keywords that resonate with your local audience to the behind-the-scenes technical tweaks that ensure a seamless user experience, SEO is the trigger for turning your online presence into a memorable and engaging experience. You don’t want to be the “disposable” kind of website—used once and never again. Be the website that everyone visits every time they have a chance, even if they are not buying anything but just to see what’s new and or if you have any upgrades.

With SEO as your guiding star, the possibilities for growth and success are boundless. Cheers to your exciting SEO journey ahead!

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