8 Great Ways to Get More Music Fans

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli April 4, 2023
Updated 2023/04/04 at 11:30 AM
8 Great Ways to Get More Music Fans

According to the 1000 True Fan Theory by Kevin Kelly, you need a thousand true fans in order to build a sustainable career in music. However, getting the first several diehard fans who play a vital role in building momentum can feel like an uphill task. Well, many have done it and with the right strategy, you can do so as well.

There are numerous ways to garner new fans for your music, but it all boils down to your commitment level and finding the right balance of techniques that work best for your music career strategy. The list we have provided, of course, isn’t exhaustive, but it includes some of the most effective tactics for attracting new fans.

1. Know Your Brand

Before we jump into the gist of things, it is crucial that you first know your brand. Your brand composes and it’s affected by everything you do, including how you present yourself and how you communicate with the fan base. That said, take time to learn what sets you apart from the rest, your artistry, story, etc., and use them as the foundation of your brand.

2. Use Social Media

We are in the age of the internet where everyone often discovers almost everything using social media. In fact, platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter are the fastest way to get people to know about your music. They have amassed billions of active users and so, it would be unwise to not leverage such an opportunity.

Post your music on your accounts and use features like reels and even ads for further promotion. Be consistent and always engage with your followers. Your fan base will want to know what goes on behind the scenes so do not be afraid to post footage of your creative process, backstage footage and even your day-to-day life. This will keep your fans engaged and looking forward to more. A new revolution in getting fans has emerged call Fanify which allows you to grow your fanbase through automated AI music promotion.

3. Embrace Streaming & Playlisting

Having your songs featured on popular playlists in streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify can be more effective at creating buzz than being covered by a blog or magazine. Curated playlists on streaming platforms are how most people discover new music these days and with the right pitch and timing, you may be looking at numerous new fans in no time.

4. Post YouTube Covers

When people are looking for a specific song, YouTube is more often than not the go-to place. So, in addition to uploading your original songs, post cover videos. This will boost your chances of being shown higher in search results, making you easily accessible to both current and new fans.

5. Market Yourself as a Business to Business (B2B) Musician

Rather than spending all your energy and resources reaching out to fans individually, consider focusing more on building strong relationships with other businesses. This means reaching out to radio stations, event organizers, TV channels, websites that cover your music genre, DJs, etc.

The reason behind this is they all have a larger audience, within which there might be people who may like your music. If you connect with larger companies and they recommend you, you’ll gain more exposure from a show, event, interview or article than you would, spending months on Twitter and Instagram attempting to garner new fans from scratch.

6. Leverage Media Coverage While on Tour

There are numerous websites out there that will publicize or review your music. Just think of all the places you would find new music. It can be a small blog in Ireland or something as large as Rolling Stone. Just reach out to the tastemakers who may be interested to cover your songs.

If you are going on tour, get in touch with the local media and include them in your campaign. You never know, they may add your show listing to the local paper or hold an interview with you during the show day. This may not only increase last-minute ticket sales but get you new fans.

If you are looking to work with big artists, this is an excellent way to boost your exposure and get new fans. If you can get featured on their albums, you’ll have taken a massive leap towards success. While big artists charge for features, the investment is often worth it. Just ensure you ask them nicely whether they are willing to collab with you.

8. Release Great Music!

We cannot emphasize this one enough! It will be almost impossible to get new fans no matter how much effort you put into the tactics mentioned above if you have lacklustre music. People like to listen to enjoyable music, so ensure you hone your skills and talent. If you can stand out and what you’re doing is amazing to the target audience, it will be easy to convert them into hardcore fans who will willingly promote you to their friends.

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