A Romantic & Luxury Escape to the Maldives

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Sky above, sand below, peace within; that’s the Maldives for you. When it comes to enjoying peace time in nature while basking in the fresh island air and the superb views of shiny water, Maldives takes the lead. Known for beautiful sunsets, radiant blue water, epic marine life, and white sandy beaches, Maldives is known all over the world as an ideal retreat from chaos and hectic life routine.

For an ideal vacation filled with fun, exploration, and peace, travel agencies offer packages that allow travel lovers to spend Maldives luxury holidays with loved ones and make lasting memories. From family holidays to honeymoon and private tours, these deals are made for diverse clients and offer all the facilities they might need during the tour.

Key Features of Maldives Luxury Holiday Packages

Experiencing Maldives in luxury style is a dream of many tourists for a reason. Let’s discuss how these deals help travel lovers to have their dream vacation:

      I.         Visa Process

Processing visa is quite hectic but travel agencies can do it for you by charging some money. You just have to give some papers and then leave the rest to travel agents. Although UK tourists can get a visa on arrival, however, this facility is still available for people that have to obtain visit visas.  

     II.         Flight Services

Tourists are given the best flight services offered by popular airlines like British Airways, Qatar Airways, and Emirates Airlines among others. Taking a first-class flight is an experience in itself as you get the best flight services possible including priority boarding, amenity kits, lounges, seats, lie-flat beds, drinks, and fine dining. 

   III.         Luxury Stay

You can enjoy a luxury stay in 5-star hotels and resorts with modern living facilities like cozy beds, toilets with spa facilities, bathrobes, etc. Many hotels also offer bathtubs inside the room, fireplaces, and private balconies that make the stay worth it.

Private Services in Hotel & Resorts

Tourists can order meals in their rooms or enjoy chef’s specials in luxury bistros built inside resorts and hotels. They can shop from upscale brands inside hotels and enjoy an exciting playing time with kids at fun zones. These hotels also include gyms and spas for guests to take care of their health and revive after a day full of exploration. Hotels and resorts built on the beach also offer water sports as included in the package.

   IV.         Guidance

Tourists need guidance regarding the best spots to visit, food to try, shopping areas to explore, and fun areas. They may also need help with transport, visa, or facing any emergency. With luxury plans, tourists can get help from expert guides to deal with all such issues.

    V.         Transport

Tourists need transfers from airports to hotels and resorts or between the cities. Whether it’s train, bus, or cab, travel agencies reserve seats and make it easy for you to travel with ease. However, agencies offer premium private cars in luxury packages that offer an elevated traveling experience and make the journey relaxing.

8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Maldives

Everyone knows what makes Maldives special but these amazing facts will make you love this tropical heaven more:

  1. Holiday Retreat for 50 Years: Although Maldives has been around for thousands of years, it is relatively a new tourist spot. Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom gave a huge boost to tourism in 2019 but it was a secret spot for surfers and divers before that until the first resort opened in 1972.
  2. Shells as Currency: Do you know Maldives didn’t have currency in the 19th century so they used the shells for trade? These cowrie shells are unique in shape, light in weight, and can’t be faked, which makes them an ideal money alternate.
  3. Population Density: Only 540,000 people live in Maldives which is around the same amount of Manchester residents. To give you a clearer idea, only 200 out of the 1,200 islands are populated.
  4. World’s Lowest Archipelago: The Maldives islands are only seven feet above sea level at the highest natural point, which makes them the lowest archipelago and country on Earth. It has a natural fence of coral reefs that protects it during monsoon season.
  5. Coral Beaches: What makes Maldives special and unique are the white sand beaches made from coral. Coraline beaches are rare and make up just 5% of the world’s beaches which makes Maldives a unique tropical heaven.
  6. Home to Whale Shark: Maldives is known for its amazing marine life the largest fish in the ocean i.e., the whale shark which can grow up to 20ft makes marine exploration exciting. Visitors don’t have to fear any ‘Jaws’ kind of situation, where the mighty shark created a havoc among a group of people. Rest assured, the whale sharks here just feed on planktons, and one can spot them in Hanifaru Bay, Rangali Island, and other specific spots.
  7. Undersea Cabinet Meeting: Yes! You read it right. Maldives President Nasheed held the first cabinet meeting at the sea bottom in 2009. He did it to call for attention and help over rising sea levels that would sink some of the coastal zones by 2100. The cabinet signed papers calling for cutting carbon emissions and they auctioned wetsuits of ministers to raise money for coral reef safety. 
  8. Long History: As we stated earlier, Maldives has an interesting history of around 3000 years. The existing data confirms people living there way back in 1500 BCE. Buddhists are believed to have inhabited the area before Arab traders started coming there to rest on their way to Asia. Many of them chose to stay there which led to Maldives accepting Islam by 1153 CE.  

Best Romantic Things to Do in Maldives

As it is said, ‘forever starts in the Maldives’, it is a perfect place to fall in love all over again but to make things romantic, couples can try these things in this tropical heaven:

  • Watch Glowing Water: Take a romantic night walk with your spouse at the Vadhoo island beach and observe glossy water. This natural miracle is caused by light emitted by tiny plankton. This light is a defense system for plankton and is cool and blue.              
  • Dinner at Sunken Bistro: If the government can hold cabinet meetings undersea, then why not enjoy a romantic dinner in such a place? Just reach 5.8 meters below sea level in Hurawalhi island resort and savor the most exquisite dishes in a sunken bistro to make your couple’s holiday, a memory to cherish.
  • Enjoy Sunset Cruise: Book a sunset cruise tour and enjoy the beautiful view of the setting sun spreading orange hue all over the sky while sipping cocktails with your partner. Go for a swim with your partner from the yacht to make things exciting and the cruise trip romantic. 

Want to spend luxury Maldives holidays with friends and family or spend a honeymoon in this tropical heaven? Virikson Holidays offers premium packages that provide the best facilities and make your trip exciting, peaceful, and full of love.  

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