Auto Transport Quotes Can Lead to Cheap Car Shipping

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Many car owners are unsure where to begin when looking for auto transport companies. Car shipping can seem complex, but the key is to compare quotes from various carriers to find the most competitive rate. What factors influence transport quotes?

Many variables go into estimating the cost, along with some room for negotiation, allowing affordable car shipping and safe and reliable transport.

Factors That Impact Auto Transport Quotes

One of the first steps in obtaining cheap auto transport services is comparing quotes from multiple shipping providers. Most carriers provide quotes online free with no obligation by entering some key details.

The quotes are essentially estimates the carrier provides with the price point to deliver your car to its final destination. The shipping service usually outlines the cost, services, and possible added fees and charges. You can get comparable details from a “car shipping cost calculator.” 

Several variables factor into a quote. When you learn these variables, you can start to understand the pricing system and find ways to negotiate the costs.  

Find the cheapest ways to ship a car by visiting Here are some variables auto transport companies consider when offering quotes.

The distance

A primary factor is the distance from the point of drop-off to the place you will pick the car up. When the distance is longer, rates will be higher. The driver will have added fuel costs and a greater time investment with the haul.

The location

If you decide on door-to-door shipping, the carrier will factor in the location with the quote. A remote area or one that’s challenging to get to will require giving the driver detailed instructions. This would require a higher price point compared to easier access, like right off a major highway.

The vehicle

The auto is a primary factor when the carrier prepares the shipping quote. A driver needs special tools and equipment, greater resources at hand when loading larger, heavier vehicles compared to a small, compact car. If you have a big truck or SUV, you can expect a higher charge than a standard car.

Transport method

Car owners have two transport choices for car shipping: the open carrier and an enclosed trailer. The open carrier is much cheaper, but the enclosed trailer is exceedingly more expensive and is usually reserved for higher-end vehicles, classic or antique cars, motorcycles, and exotic vehicles.


Peak season will mean higher costs. At certain times of the year, there is an increase in demand for car shipping services—these range from May through September, according to auto transport companies. There are also spikes in the spring and fall. The suggestion when trying to save money is to avoid these times if possible.

Premium services

Extra costs are charged for services above what is considered standard, including expedited delivery, door-to-door delivery, and storage. These increase the price point, raising the quote from the car shipping service.

When you better understand car shipping quotes and the variables that affect them, decision-making will be easier as you compare different carriers. You can also have a better opportunity to negotiate. Read here for guidelines for the cost of shipping a car.

Negotiating A Deal with Auto Transport Services

As a car owner, you have the opportunity to negotiate with auto transport services. In order to do so, you would have some leverage if you understood the industry standards and average market rates. However, it would be as effective to remain flexible with your requirements including the booking dates.

If you appear open and willing to discuss various possibilities that would benefit you and the carrier, this could lead to a positive negotiation.


A few methods for negotiating with a car shipping provider include finding out if the company you want to work with will match or beat other quotes you’re receiving from different providers. In the same vein, ask if the transport service offers promotions or discounts. 

In particular, if you have more than one car to transport, you could receive a discount based on volume.

When implementing any tactic to negotiate a better deal, it’s important to approach the carrier with an attitude of cooperation and respect. The objective should be to obtain a result that satisfies the needs of all parties involved.

Final Thought

Many people who are new to the car shipping experience are unsure what to expect, with most perceiving the process as complex and expensive. Several variables play into the estimated price point of auto transport, opening the potential for negotiating and the possibility of savings.

For the greatest savings, car owners must obtain quotes from multiple carriers online. These quotes are typically free and without obligation. You can then compare the choices to find the most cost-efficient option to fit your budget and satisfy your needs.

When you narrow your choices, you’re ready to negotiate to get your final cost and settle on the services you’ll receive.

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