Benefits Of Plant Based Sparkling Drinks

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Sparkling drinks have surged in popularity in recent years. More and more people are seeking sparkling-based drinks to fill the void of their cravings for fizzy drinks. This, along with the global demand increasing for plant-based beverages, is leading to more brands introducing their versions of plant-based sparkling drinks. The rise in veganism is driving this demand too. In this article, you will learn what these drinks are and more information about them. You will also learn about some of the benefits of plant-based sparkling drinks.

What Are They?

Plant-based sparkling drinks are typically full of plant powder. Because of this, you can enjoy them without having to worry about any bad or harmful ingredients. Believe it or not, these drinks are nothing new. They’ve been around for many years. Fruit-infused drinks have been available for hundreds of years. One of the main issues with sparkling drinks is the fact that they generally contain a lot of artificial ingredients and sugar. This is something that plant-based sparkling drinks look to solve.

Benefits Of Plant-Based Sparkling Drinks:

1. Natural Ingredients

One of the primary benefits of these drinks has to do with the ingredients. The benefits are plentiful. The benefits of the ingredients are more about what’s not included with the drinks than what’s included. In other sparkling drinks, you will typically find a lot of artificial ingredients that are inherently harmful. These ingredients tend to include dyes and artificial sweeteners. These things can prove to be harmful by disrupting the body’s natural processes. For instance, there have been studies that have shown that artificial sweeteners have been linked to heart disease and even an increase in the risk of diabetes [1]. One of the best things that these beverages have going for them is that they don’t rely on artificial ingredients. Instead, you will find natural juices and organic cane sugar being used for flavouring and sweeteners.

2. Healthy Ingredients

Another major benefit that you can typically get from a lot of these drinks that are tailored towards vegans is the beneficial ingredients added. A lot of these drinks are specifically catered to and designed for those who are health-conscious. Meaning, you will find a lot of them have added ingredients like prebiotics to help you enjoy a healthier drink. Getting prebiotics through drinks can be a good way to enjoy the taste and experience of pop without the harmful consequences attached. Prebiotics can be very beneficial by helping to rebalance your gut flora and improve your digestive system function as a whole.

3. Plenty Of Flavors

One of the things that you may be concerned with when you are shopping for plant-based drinks would be a lack of choice concerning flavours. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this. You can find a lot of different plant-based drinks that offer a multitude of flavour options. After all, there are so many natural vegan ingredients that can be used for flavouring. This means that you can continue to find a lot of different flavours that should keep you interested in your beverages for a long time. Also, with the demand only increasing, there are only going to be more and more flavours and brands entering the marketplace. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting bored with the flavours anytime soon.

4. Herbs and Spices

It can be relatively difficult to get sufficient amounts of herbs and spices into your daily routine. By getting them through your beverages, it can make it much easier to get the requisite amount to experience health benefits. While you can get a lot of beneficial herbs and spices through your tea drinking, that’s going to be difficult if that’s all you are drinking them with. Luckily, there are plenty of brands mixing beneficial herbs and spices in their plant-based tonics. There are a lot of benefits to adding herbs and species to your diet. If you aren’t getting enough through your diet alone, adding plant-based tonics can do the trick. Whether you want to experience the benefits of cinnamon or even turmeric, a plant-based beverage can be a good way to add more to your diet without having to reach for supplements.

5. Reduce Coffee Consumption

If you are drinking too much coffee, you might be looking for something that can substitute for it. While a plant-based drink isn’t necessarily the best substitute for a cup of coffee, it could be a healthy alternative. You can find a lot of these beverages that either use black or green tea. Both of which have caffeine. If you don’t want to fully give up on caffeine, but you want to cut back, it can be a good way to do so. You also get the side benefit of having a beverage that is healthier than a cup of coffee. This is especially true if you are constantly filling your coffee with sugar and other sweeteners. These plant-based drinks are going to be a great way to minimise your coffee consumption and still provide you with the stimulation you need to get through the workday.

As you can see, there is growth in this market segment. The plant-based sparkling beverage market is increasing. A lot of this is being naturally driven by the growth in the sparkling beverage sector as a whole. However, with more brands looking to diversify and more looking to target the growing vegan segment of the market, you can only expect the trend to continue. The beauty of this is there are so many options available to choose from. You have a variety of flavours that you can check out. Also, these drinks inherently come with healthy ingredients that can make them a good choice to add to your daily diet. These beverages can boost your hydration and make it easier to get a lot of healthy herbs and spices into your diet. If you are looking for a good alternative to sugary carbonated drinks, there’s no better option than plant-based sparkling beverages such as

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